Picture of Camila Ramos Bernardes

Camila Ramos Bernardes Spanish and Portuguese

Camila has a degree in Languages with a specialization in Spanish, and teaches all levels of Spanish and Portuguese. She makes her classes enjoyable and fun and helps her students have real conversations.

Picture of  François  Chateigner

François Chateigner French and German

François has been with our program since 1998 and teaches all levels of French and German. His interest in language is both practical and poetic and he endeavours to bring his students to appreciate the beauty of the language as they learn the practical skills.

Picture of  Giovina Bolla

Giovina Bolla Italian

Giovina teaches conversational Italian 1 and 2. Her students appreciate how she makes learning fun all the while giving great glimpses into and about Italian culture and traditions.

Picture of Giuliano Gullotti

Giuliano Gullotti French and Italian

Giuliano teaches all levels of French and some Italian classes. He teaches with positive encouragement and is a firm believer that a relaxed atmosphere can be conducive to retaining complex concepts.

Picture of  Helena Larsen-McKay

Helena Larsen-McKay French

Helena grew up understanding the joy of expressing oneself through different languages and holds a degree in French Education. She enjoys creating a positive and "discovery" learning environment for her students.

Picture of  Inez Weenie

Inez Weenie Cree

Inez is a native Cree speaker from the Sweetgrass First Nation. Inez teaches Cree with a strong focus on the speaking interaction and she infuses her cultural insight and experiences into all of her classes.

Picture of  Irène Gould

Irène Gould French

Irène has been with our program since 2005 and teaches all levels of French. She is much appreciated for her humour, her organizational skills, her teaching approach, and her willingness to help students succeed.

Picture of Ismaël  Besharah

Ismaël Besharah French

Ismaël teaches beginner and intermediate levels of French. He has a passion for sharing the language that he loves with others and for helping students reach their own goals for language learning.

Picture of Jodi Brown

Jodi Brown French

Jodi Brown has recently joined our program and teaches beginner and intermediate levels of French. She believes that learning a language is not about being perfect, but more about understanding and being understood.

Picture of Kerri Anderson

Kerri Anderson French and Portuguese

Kerri has been with our program since 2011 and teaches Portuguese and French. Having learned several languages as an adult, she believes that learning a second or third language allows us to better understand another culture and see the world from a different perspective.

Picture of  Lara Guerrero

Lara Guerrero Spanish

Lara has been with our program since 2005 and specializes in teaching Spanish 1. Her classes are fun, relaxed, and give students lots of opportunities to speak in a variety of contexts.

Picture of  Marco Milani

Marco Milani Italian

Marco is a native Italian speaker from Italy who teaches all levels of Italian. His students appreciate how his classes focus on speaking and conversation, and how he makes learning fun.

Picture of  Maria Nesbet

Maria Nesbet Spanish

Maria has been with our program since 1993 and teaches all levels of Spanish classes. She enjoys connecting with each student to encourage active participation and to give ample opportunities to increase speaking and listening comprehension.

Picture of  Martin Gonzalez

Martin Gonzalez Spanish

Martin has been with our program since 2003 and teaches the beginner levels of Spanish. He is a life-long learner, and believes learning a language is a journey commanding a lot of commitment and effort, but that it can also be a lot of fun.

Picture of  Nathalie Ruel

Nathalie Ruel French

Nathalie is eager to help new students learn French and blends practical French language skills with a glimpse of different French speaking flavours from around the world.

Picture of Sumiko Asai

Sumiko Asai Japanese

Sumiko teaches all levels of Japanese, as well as the Japanese for the Traveller class. She is much appreciated for her great knowledge of the Japanese language as well as her ability to clearly explain.