About Us

We offer non-degree conversational language classes in French, Cree, Spanish, German, Italian, and Portuguese. Whether you are a complete beginner or wanting to improve your skills, our small classes and supportive instructors create a welcoming space and help you reach your goals in the company of other enthusiastic learners. You can register online or by calling 306-966-5539. Stay up to date by subscribing to our e-newsletter or following us on Facebook.

Summer 2024 Classes

Class Day Time Format Weeks Start Instructor
French 1 Tue 5:30-8pm Online 8 Jul 2 Irène Gould
French 2 Wed 5:30-8pm Online 8 Jul 3 Irène Gould
French 3 Thu 5:30-8pm Online 8 Jul 4 Irène Gould
Spanish 1 Tue 5:30-8pm Online 8 Jul 2 Maria Nesbet
Spanish 2 Wed 5:30-8pm Online 8 Jul 3 Maria Nesbet

"We love classes with madame Helena. Helena is the first French teacher who really inspired me to study français!"

"I am really enjoying my German course and will definitely register for the next level. François is an excellent teacher—very engaging and knowledgeable. I really like how he adds cultural context and in-depth grammar analysis to each lesson. And our little conversations at the beginning of class are incredibly fun!"

"Thank you for all your positive input as to my abilities and the methods of better approaching my learning of the subject material, Maria! I am looking forward to taking the next level in a Spanish speaking country, and to your excellent teaching methods and techniques for learning this beautiful language."