Expressions of Gratitude

Students tell donors how their help has made a difference

Words of thanks


I am very grateful for the scholarship that has offered me a great opportunity and has enriched by life and greatly increased my career opportunities. I cannot fully express my gratitude to the López family as the scholarship donors.  Without their help to improve the lives of students, my PhD program would not have been possible.”

~ Fernando Torres Medina  - Biology PhD student and recipient of the Isabel Maria L López Martinez Memorial Scholarship


Music is a different path to follow in the classical world, especially as a saxophonist.  The financial burden of attending university is overwhelming, and the scholarship I received eased the burden and allowed me to devote time and energy towards the music program.  It is the generosity and support of people such as Mr. Bob Xiaoping Xu that inspires students to strive for their very best.”

~ Gerard Weber - Music student and recipient of the David L. Kaplan Music Scholarship funded by Mr. Bob Xiaoping Xu and Ling Chen.


 “In the spring of 2016 I will be the first person in my entire family to graduate with a university degree.  This would have never been possible, or at least much more difficult, if it were not for the financial assistance of awards such as the Reginald J.G.Bateman Memorial Scholarship in English, as well as the recognition of donors to affirm my choices and encourage me to continue pursuing my dreams. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your contribution to my academic and personal journey.”

~ Keighlagh T. Donovan – English student and recipient of the J.G. Bateman Memorial Scholarship 


“My term abroad concluded my third year as Political Science major and also the end of my undergraduate degree because I will be beginning law school at the University of Saskatchewan in the fall. My term abroad was instrumental in pushing me to grow as a person because it put me into a new environment and forced me to adapt. I think this adaptability is an important skill that will aid me in my future studies in law school and hopefully in my eventual career as a practicing lawyer.”

Once again, thank you very much for this award.

~Firuz Rahimi – Political Studies student and recipient of the Gail Award for Study Abroad


I’m preparing to open a bookstore in Saskatoon, to create a place where my working life and artistic interests and research can easily overlap. I sincerely believe that understanding, critical thinking and the search for wisdom and self are integral to a life lived with meaning, and my years at the U of S have been formative to those that will come after.  This is the legacy that I want for my future family, and it is beyond price”

~Aimee-Beth Martens – Fine Arts student and recipient of the Verna Marie Parr and Paul-Marcel Gelina Trust in the Fine and Performing Arts