About the Academic Advisors

Message from the Undergraduate Student Office regarding COVID-19

The Undergraduate Student Office is committed to doing our part to protect our community in light of public health concerns related to COVID-19. One of the measures for safety is a shift for employees to work remotely, where possible. We are asking at this time for patience as the university and the Undergraduate Student Office makes this complex transition. We are still available to support our students via telephone at 306-966-4231 and email student-advice@artsandscience.usask.ca.

In addition, the following requests can still be made by emailing the request and form to us:

We have temporarily suspended the review of fall 2020 graduation check requests and second degree requests for non-Arts and Science students. Our office remains committed to providing support to all of our students during this rapidly changing time and we appreciate your patience as we navigate this with you.

We’re here to help!

The primary sites for undergraduate student advising in the College of Arts and Science are the Undergraduate Student Office and the Trish Monture Centre for Student Success. Additional program advising occurs at the Departmental level. Advising in the UGSO and TMC is available throughout the year.

Undergraduate Student Advisors:

  • provide advice and guidance to students throughout their studies (including transfer, returning, second degree and graduating students)
  • monitor all program requirements and advise on College regulations
  • provide advice and guidance to students throughout their studies (including First Year Students, transfer, returning, second degree and graduating students)
  • assist students with course selection, understanding program options and resources available for academic success
  • determine prerequisites for non-direct entry colleges
  • provide strategies for application to direct entry college
  • ensure students satisfy promotion and graduation standards
  • assist students facing academic difficulty
  • advocate for appropriate resources for students
  • located in the Undergraduate Student Office, Arts 265
  • Drop by, email or phone (306) 966-4231

Indigenous Student Advisors:

Departmental Student Advisors:

  • provide advice and guidance to students who have chosen their Major
  • help students choose courses in their Major
  • coordinate Spring Advising sessions for 3rd and 4th year students in the department of their major to ensure they are satisfying their major requirement and/or to provide guidance in course selection in their major
  • connect students to faculty experts in the field of their interest
  • located in each department