Picture of  Adrian Golban

Adrian Golban

Adrian is known for his large scale public works of art, which grace numerous public and private collections. His goal is to teach students the alphabet of sculpture’s visual elements and shapes.

Picture of  Alison Montgomery

Alison Montgomery

Alison lives and works in Saskatoon and has been painting in watercolour for over thirty years. As an art educator, she provides practical advice and helpful feedback, and encourages students to share knowledge, exchange understandings and explore new ideas.

Picture of  Cate Francis

Cate Francis

Cate's artistic practice consists of printmaking, illustration and wheat paste collage. As an arts instructor, she establishes a comfortable, open and dynamic learning environment in which students feel empowered to explore new mediums and concepts that are of interest to them.

Picture of  Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Cheryl Tuck-Tallon

Cheryl grew up in the floral design business and also owned her own shop where she learned the elements of design, balance, texture, and colour. It has transferred into her 2D artworks, and she enjoys sharing her knowledge with her students.

Picture of  Craig Berry

Craig Berry

Craig is a classically trained artist in figurative work and colour theory. He believes knowledge is an asset for any student in learning to solve drawing or painting problems and focusses on teaching students the fundamentals within the visual language.

Picture of  David Mandeville

David Mandeville

David was trained in medical photography at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital and the London Polytechnic Institute in London, England. He teaches the technical uses and capabilities of the camera and photographic process so that students can then explore and bring to life the concepts seen with their inner eyes.

Picture of  Degen Lindner

Degen Lindner

Degen Lindner is a practicing artist and teacher. Her works range from drawing and painting the figure to landscapes and abstracts, and she has many years of experience as an art instructor.

Picture of  Doug Frey

Doug Frey

Doug has been a full time studio goldsmith since 1978 focused on producing one of a kind and limited edition jewellery using traditional hand fabrication techniques. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and skills with his students.

Picture of  Elisabeth Miller

Elisabeth Miller

Elisabeth has always been fascinated with stained glass and its ability to engender emotion. She is particularly taken with the colours and interplay of the transparent and opaque glass. Elisabeth teaches people to see glass as not only a functional medium but also a true fine art.

Picture of  Elizabeth Babyn

Elizabeth Babyn

Whether making intuitive non-objective paintings, or making installation and media-based work, Elizabeth has always viewed the art-making process from a meditative, spiritual and holistic perspective. As a facilitator, she provides encouragement and support, and gives constructive feedback that helps identify the strengths of each student.

Picture of  Iris Hauser

Iris Hauser

Iris is a Canadian artist and painter best known for her use of narrative and symbolism within portrait paintings and works primarily with oil paints. As a teacher, she gives students the technical skills they need to create their art, and helps every student to follow their own unique vision.

Picture of  Kara Perpelitz

Kara Perpelitz

Kara is a Master Spinner and Fibre Artist. She believes a solid foundation in "the rules" of any craft is the key to learning how to break them to create art with the best success. As an instructor she creates a brave space for students to learn and explore all the opportunity the fibre arts have to offer.

Picture of  Karen Welch-Smith

Karen Welch-Smith

Karen enjoys all art forms but especially dry art media like pastel and coloured pencil as well as painting with oils. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience of art in a way that is vibrant and fun, making her classes engaging for everyone.

Picture of  Kelly Goerzen

Kelly Goerzen

Kelly embraces the watercolour medium and working in an impressionist plein air tradition, and her studies in botany have uniquely informed her interpretation of natural landscapes. She enjoys teaching students of all levels and sharing her knowledge.

Picture of  Kim Ennis

Kim Ennis

Kim is a painter and currently owns and operates Vanishing Point Picture Framing. He is a natural teacher because he wants to share his own discoveries with others, and he believes art is an adventure for the brave, and talent is of little use without courage.

Picture of  Lenneke Verweij

Lenneke Verweij

Lenneke has enjoyed different art mediums since she was a young child. As an artist and an educator, the traditional methods of working with stained glass are her main interest, including making windows and lamps with lead or foil work, and painting on glass to add detail.

Picture of  Maia Stark

Maia Stark

Maia is an artist of settler ancestry based out of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Treaty 6 and primarily works in figurative painting in oil, acrylic, and gouache. As an instructor, she aims to provide a high standard of knowledge while also providing individual feedback and guidance during class time.

Picture of  Mary-Anne Parker

Mary-Anne Parker

Mary-Anne Parker is an artist, storyteller, and outdoor enthusiast. She enjoys sharing her love of art with children and youth, inspiring them to explore their creativity and stretch their imaginations.

Picture of  Melody Armstrong

Melody Armstrong

Melody is an internationally recognized contemporary jewellery artist based in Regina, where she is also the Resident Artist and Jewellery Instructor at the Neil Balkwill Civic Arts Centre. As an instructor, she provides students with the technical skills to enable them to have the ability to express themselves in creating unique jewellery pieces.

Picture of  Miranda Jones

Miranda Jones

Miranda enjoys working in a wide variety of media from paper to steel, but a foundation in drawing and a love of colour are central to her work. She enjoys sharing her knowledge and skills through teaching as she believes creativity at all levels helps to empower us as individuals.

Picture of  Robert Assié

Robert Assié

Robert is an architectural stone mason and sculptor. His approach is to gradually expose students to a range of projects that incrementally increase in difficulty. Like swimming, an efficient way to move through water, there is a skilled and efficient way to move through stone.

Picture of  Robert Miller

Robert Miller

Robert has always liked the way stained glass can be manipulated to form various artistic or functional pieces. He continues to grow his knowledge and technical abilities through experimentation, and enjoys teaching students to do the same.

Picture of  Robin Adair

Robin Adair

Robin is a visual artist, art educator, and interdisciplinary scholar. The teaching methods he uses are intended to draw students into a learning frame of mind so that they are empowered to take ownership over their own development in the course.