Ways of Giving

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Exploring your giving options

The University of Saskatchewan campus is growing; student numbers are increasing and our areas of study are expanding. If you have visited campus lately, you have likely noticed the many new projects taking shape. You can help ensure this growth continues by choosing to support the exciting priority projects happening at the College of Arts & Science.

Create your own Fund

There are many different ways to make a lasting impact at the College of Arts & Science. Find out if creating your own fund is right for you.

Set up a Student Award
Establishing a student award is a rewarding journey. You can honour or remember family members, help tomorrow's students as you were helped, or give back to the university that gave you your start. The College of Arts & Science is happy to work with you to ensure your award is able to have has the impact you envision.


Endowments create meaningful legacies. They provide stable, dependable funding for programs, students and faculty members.

Endowment funds are those that where the donor has requested the fund principal be maintained in perpetuity, with investment earnings used to support annual expenditures. Thus, endowment funds contain a mix of donations (contributed capital) and accumulated investment earnings (segregated capital). Information about the university’s endowment, trust, and investment pools can be found by visiting http://www.usask.ca/fsd/colleges_depts_research/endowments_trusts_investments.php. Please contact us if you are interested in creating a new endowment.

Other Ways to Donate

Stocks & Securities
Corporate Matching Gifts
U of S Faculty & Staff Giving