Picture of  Helena Larsen McKay

Helena Larsen McKay French

Helena grew up understanding the joy of expressing oneself through different languages and holds a degree in French Education. She enjoys creating a positive and "discovery" learning environment for her students.

Helena Larsen McKay has a bachelor’s degree in French Education and for a number of years she taught French Immersion in the schools. Her students enjoy the positive and "discovery" learning environment she so aptly creates. Also an avid artist, Helena enjoys watercolour painting and the creation of miniature sculptures with polymer clay.

Helena grew up just outside of a small town in southern Saskatchewan and understands the joy of expressing oneself through different languages: her mother spoke Dutch and her father spoke Danish. Helena learned French through university Immersion classes, and living a year in both France and Quebec.

Helena on teaching: I believe it is through communicating that students will gain the ability to understand and speak French. I teach vocabulary, phonics, and grammar in my lessons and use these components of language as building blocks. I use a variety of exercises, games, videos, and audio clips to get students speaking French and responding to spoken French right away.