Learning Communities


What are learning communities?

A Learning Community (LC) is a small group of first-year students who take classes together and share some common interests. Arts & Science Learning Communities are designed to ease the transition into university by providing our first-year students with extra opportunities to make friends, study and explore ideas together, and work together to develop the academic and personal skills to succeed.

Learning Communities are what a university education is all about – students and faculty from many different backgrounds come together to explore big ideas and a wide range of perspectives on the world. Through this experience, students grow personally as they advance intellectually, and make lifelong friendships.

Arts and Science Learning Communities have three main goals:

  1. Building Community - Learning Communities allow first year students to begin university surrounded by students who have the same interests and goals. Through Learning Communities, students build connections to people and places across campus that will help support them on their academic journey.

  2. Making Connections & Exploring Careers - University is a great place to come and improve what you know, but who you know counts too. Learning Communities will help introduce students to programs and colleges across campus that are related to their interests and connect you to professionals who turned similar interests into exciting careers.

  3. Enriching Academics - University is a whole different ballgame than high school. Learning Communities will connect Peer Mentors - our team of expert learners - to first year students to help them build on and improve their academic skills to successfully navigate their way through the first year.

Arts & Science Learning Communities

The College of Arts & Science is the largest and most diverse college at the University of Saskatchewan.  To meet the needs of our first-year learners, the Arts & Science Learning Communities program offers:

"90% of FLEX students would recommend FLEX Learning Communities to a sibling or friend"

Source: 2018-19 FLEX Student Survey October 2018

2021-22 Course Combinations will be coming in Spring 2021. Sign-Up for the 2021-22 Learning Communities will Open on May 3, 2021 at Noon!