About ISSE gatherings

College of Arts and Science ISSE gatherings invite Indigenous undergraduate students to participate in workshops, guest speaker events and facilitated discussion circles in support of their learning goals.

  • Broaden your awareness of academic programs and opportunities
  • Build professional communication and leadership skills
  • Explore how Indigenous perspectives offer assets for academics and lifelong learning
  • Build your network, connect with Indigenous role models, alumni and fellow students to co-imagine your shared future!

ISSE gatherings are coordinated through the Office of the Vice Dean Indigenous in collaboration with Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways, Student Learning Services and partnering academic departments.

Is the ISSE for me?

ISSE is for any Indigenous undergraduate student seeking to expand their academic, professional and intercultural skillset. ISSE gatherings will focus on a theme, and each session will be facilitated by an Indigenous graduate student with expertise and experience to share.

Sign me up!

Register to attend one or more ISSE Gatherings by clicking on the Eventbrite registration links in the ISSE gatherings schedule below. If you have questions about the event, or encounter challenges with registration, get in touch by email at isap.info@usask.ca or call 306-966-1681.

Students who participate in three ISSE gatherings over a calendar year (e.g. Jan 2021-Dec 2021) will receive an entry acknowledging participation on their co-curricular record (CCR); recordings will be made available after each session for those who cannot attend live but would like to participate.

ISSE gatherings 2021–22

Fall Term 2021 Gatherings

Creator’s Time vs University Time

  • 3:30 PM Tuesday, September 21st
  • Facilitators: Bernie Petit and Michayla van de Velde
  • Fall is here! A new academic term has arrived along with new challenges and demands on your time! Join Bernie Petit for a conversational session sharing strategies to adapt to new ways of being, drawing on the wisdom of natural cycles and Indigenous seasonal protocol.
  • Register on Eventbrite or email isse.gatherings@usask.ca to register

Taking the Fear Factor out of Math

  • 2:30-4:00 Wednesday, October 27th
  • Facilitators: Cree Longjohn, Holly Fraser, Kevin Sawatzky, Steven Rayan
  • ISSE Hallowe’en Edition! When there’s an invisible equation lying in your textbook, who’re you gonna call? Math experts! Or, folks who’ve been there and conquered the fear factors that commonly hold students back from building their math skillsets, and making the most of opportunities to flex their potential in the STEM disciplines and related professional arenas. Costumes welcome
  • Register on Eventbrite or email isse.gatherings@usask.ca to register

Tackling Term Paper Season... With Your Friends!

  • Tue, Nov 2, 2021, 11:30 - 1:00
  • Facilitators: Özten Paul, Liv Marken
  • Join staff and students from the SLS Writing Help Centre for practical, experience-based advice about how to build a network of support for your academic writing journey. Topics will include how to start and structure a writing group for editing and peer support, pairing up with a writing buddy for proofreading, and talking about how your writing process will evolve from first year to graduation and professional areas of practice.
  • Register on Eventbrite or email isse.gatherings@usask.ca to register

Paid to Learn! Find a Summer Research Position

  • Thu, Nov 18, 2021, 10:00 - 11:30
  • Facilitators: Michayla van de Velde, Merle Massie, Sydney Kuppenbender, Heather Poirier
  • Looking for that perfect summer gig? Explore your interests outside of classes with an authentic research experience!
    Learn how to approach and propose a research project with a faculty mentor; how to find funding opportunities; and pick up tips for a strong application. Get paid to learn more about the discipline that fascinates you, and whether a career in research might be right for you!
  • Register on Eventbrite or email isse.gatherings@usask.ca to register

Dates for Winter Term 2022 ISSE Gatherings TBD

ISSE call for proposals

Graduate students are invited to contribute to ISSE’s programming from areas of strength and enthusiasm; we are open to a diversity of ideas for ISSE gatherings, with focal points across the academic disciplines.


Indigenous Graduate Students interested to facilitate ISSE gatherings in Winter Term 2021 submit session proposals down below.


ISSE Gatherings are coordinated by the Office of the Vice Dean Indigenous through a partnership between Student Learning Services (SLS) and the Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways (ISAP)