On Campus Support


Support programs and services

As part of the University of Saskatchewan community, academic advisors in the College of Arts & Science work closely with a wide range of student support offices across campus. Below is a list of services to help students achieve academic success, care for their health and wellbeing, make new friends at social and cultural events, and ensure their safety on campus.

Aboriginal Students’ Centre (ASC)
The ASC promotes the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of Aboriginal students on campus. They offer an inclusive gathering space for students to study, use a computer, connect with other students or access services. The ASC hosts an Aboriginal First-Year Students Welcome Day following the university-wide orientation.

Arts and Science Student Union (ASSU)
A great way to meet other students in the College of Arts  & Science, find out about social events, or get involved with the ASSU executive and council.

Campus Safety
U of S Protective Services patrol the campus to ensure the safety of the U of S community. They offer self-defense courses and provide a variety of safety resources. In an emergency, call: (306) 966-5555.

Access and Equity Services (AES)
AES assists students with disabilities by offering programs and advocacy services and fostering an accessible and welcoming campus. All students with disabilities are encouraged to register with AES in order to access the many services available.

Discrimination and Harassment Prevention Services (DHPS)
Discrimination and harassment violates the principles of mutual respect and fair treatment. Students in need of information and support can contact DHPS.

Housing and Residence
There are many benefits to living in one of the U of S residences, including being part of a diverse and global community and developing life-long friendships and lasting memories. Living off campus is another option. Our campus has excellent bus service and housing in Saskatoon is very affordable.

International Students and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC)
ISSAC provides support to international students and their families through services, programs and activities, while promoting cross-cultural understanding within the university. They also coordinate study abroad opportunities for students registered at U of S. ISSAC is a great place to find internationally-minded people and participate in cross-cultural events!

Physical Activity Centre (PAC)
The PAC features a fitness centre, a triple gymnasium and a 42-foot rock climbing wall. Complementing the facilities are programs in aquatics, dance, fitness and special needs. Membership to the PAC is open to U of S students, faculty, staff and alumni, as well as non-university employees working on cam.

Students, staff and visitors to the U of S campus seeking an escort to their car, office or residence are invited to use the USSU Safewalk. The service is free and available Sundays through Thursdays. Call: (306) 966-SAFE (7233)

Student Health and Counseling Services
Two complimentary service centres located in the new Place Riel Student Centre. Student Health Services is a primary health care centre that offers non-urgent and urgent medical treatment for students and their families. Student Counselling Services offers short-term professional counselling for students whose concerns interfere with their day-to-day functioning.

Student Employment and Career Centre (SECC)
Contributes to student success by empowering students/alumni with the necessary tools, resources and supports to make a successful transition from education-to-career. The SECC provides assistance in the search for full-time, summer, and part-time employment and offers one-on-one career advising.

Student Central
Provides undergraduate and graduate students with assistance regarding finances, registration and academic life. Student Central assists students with confirmation of enrolment for funding applications; authorizes emergency loans and financial appeals; provides information on scholarships, bursaries and other financial information; troubleshoots registration problems; helps students navigate PAWS; and provides information on exams, transcripts and convocation

Student Learning Services (SLS)
The SLS offers a variety of free resources to help students develop study skills, note-taking skills and strategies for exam preparation.  They have online and drop-in writing help, online resources, and a math and stats help centre.

University of Saskatchewan Student Union (USSU)
The University of Saskatchewan Students' Union supports the academic and non-academic needs of undergraduate students of the University of Saskatchewan. The USSU offers a variety of services including academic support, student clubs, health and dental programs, public transit passes, and more and operates a number of centres to enhance the student experience. They also operate CFCR 90.5 FM and they host a variety of live events.