Faculty Council Purpose

The Faculty Council of the College of Arts and Science is established under the authority of the University of Saskatchewan, and has powers and duties delegated by University Council in accordance with University Council Bylaws and Regulations

Faculty Council facilitates the participation and engagement of members of the Faculty Council in discussions of policies, plans and decisions on fundamental matters of scholarship and discipline.

Faculty Council Meetings

2023 - 2024

2023, Fall meetings

  • October 11,  1:30 - 3:30 pm on Zoom
  • November 27, 1:30 - 3:30 pm on Zoom and in Arts 146

2024, Winter and Spring meetings

Faculty Council Documents

Faculty Council Chair

Carin Holroyd

Professor, Dep't of Political Studies


Faculty Council Coordinator

Peter Krebs, College Secretary

Faculty Council Members

Faculty Council Bylaws

About bylaws

Faculty Council Bylaws are established and maintained in accordance with the powers and duties delegated by University Council.  The Bylaws articulate the authorities and accountabilities of Faculty Council and of all governance committees of Faculty Council.