Graduate studies in the College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Science offers graduate students unparalleled access to an incredible range of cutting-edge research facilities and world-renowned faculty supervisors. From the Canadian Light Source synchrotron and Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory to the Humanities and the Fine Arts Digital Research Centre (DRC), our students study at the forefront of modern technology. What’s more, over 90 per cent of students rate their supervisors as accessible, knowledgeable and supportive. Join us today and discover the benefits of pursuing a graduate degree in one of Canada’s most academically diverse colleges! 

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Admissions process

Graduate students have their “academic home” in the academic program or department in which they are enrolled. The programs and/or departments will:

  • Receive your application, make sure all supporting documents have been received and the application fee has been paid;
  • Review your academic background and, where applicable, your English test results;
  • Make sure there is a faculty member willing to supervise you;
  • Make a determination on departmental scholarships, fellowships or other funding;
  • Make a decision on recommending you for admission to the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.

All graduate students are registered students in the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies.The CGPS makes the final decision on admission. Their admissions officer will:

  • Review the recommendation submitted by your academic unit;
  • Ensure all eligibility criteria have been met;
  • Issue the formal letter of offer of admission.

Prospective and current students should direct inquiries to the graduate program to which they have applied, or under which they are currently studying. A listing of graduate programs and contacts can be found here:

Scholarships and support

Awards tailored to you!

Use the links below to search the hundreds of award listings available to University of Saskatchewan students. Filter by college, deadline, application form or keyword.

  • Scholarships: awarded based on academic achievement and may consider school/community activities, leadership or other criteria.
  • Bursaries: awarded based on financial need and may also consider academic achievement.
  • Prizes: awarded based on specific achievements (e.g., science fair project) and could be monetary or an item, such as a book.

Awards administered by the University of Saskatchewan are not the only awards available to students studying on our campus. Students are encouraged to look for awards from other sources, such as clubs and associations. External awards are offered by agencies, governments or other organizations outside USask. 

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