The Trish Monture Centre

The Trish Monture Centre is a central space in the College of Arts and Science dedicated to student success. Visitors to "the TMC" (Arts 250) will find a bright and welcoming student space, perfect to visit and study. The TMC is smudge-friendly, and food-friendly, with access to Wi-fi, a microwave, and kitchenette.

The righthand TMC offices house Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways (ISAP)while lefthand offices support the University of Saskatchewan Transition Entrance Program (USTEP) and Academic Advisors for Indigenous Students who work fluidly with the Undergraduate Student Advising Office (in Arts 265) to offer a holistic approach to academic advising that greets students’ mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual selves with expertise specific to their student experience.

Trish Monture (1958–2010)

The Trish Monture Centre honours the vision of Patricia Monture-Angus, a powerful Mohawk woman, accomplished scholar, lawyer, writer, mother, and activist who was a highly valued and respected faculty member in the College of Arts and Science. In November 2014, the Aboriginal Student Achievement and Transition Program Office was renamed the Trish Monture Centre for Student Success in honour of Dr. Monture's profound contributions. We offer students a place of peace, and a spirit of friendship and respect as we walk with them through their studies and lifelong learning journey.

Indigenous Student Advising

Our Academic Advisors work from a position of "learning together" with First Nations, Inuit and Métis students in both Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways (ISAP) and the general undergraduate student population. We support student preparation and participation in curricular and extended learning opportunities, provide coaching on time management and other key academic skills, offer financial advocacy, and meet student inquiries through a personalized one-on-one approach.

Our goal is to help students to find a sense of balance and momentum during their time as a student, allowing them to prioritize academics while growing as whole and healthy individuals.

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The Trish Monture Centre

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