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Study Abroad Information Session: Fall 2021

The College of Arts and Science study abroad coordinator will discuss your options, help you apply, support you while you’re away, and touch base with you when you return.

No matter your area of study, whether you want to be away for two weeks or an entire year, or if you want to travel alone or in a group, there are many options to choose from.


For Arts and Science students to be eligible for acceptance to a study abroad program, they need to meet the following requirements:

  • have a minimum of 65 per cent Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA)
  • must have completed or be in the process of completing 30 credit units at the time of application
  • must meet individual course prerequisites (please see the USask Course and Program Catalogue)


For more information, email

LaVina Watts
Study Abroad and Interdisciplinary Programs Coordinator
College of Arts and Science
Programs Office
Arts 921, 9 Campus Drive, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A5

About us

Our mission

The College of Arts and Science Study Abroad Office is committed to creating a more globally connected community for our students and growing our international reputation through our students—our greatest ambassadors.

In addition to creating and offering study abroad opportunities for students, the Study Abroad Office also provides support to departments, interdisciplinary programs, and faculty members in furthering the College of Arts and Science’s internationalization priorities for research, teaching, and community service learning as identified in Think Big, Be Bold, the college's plan to 2025.

Our vision

The College of Arts and Science Study Abroad Office will provide support for the creation, management, and administration of safe and accessible study abroad programs for students across all disciplines.

We are committed to providing our students with international experiences for lifelong global engagement and impact. We will continue to offer and develop globally and internationally minded opportunities for every student for academic and personal growth. We strive to ensure that study abroad programs are safe, cost effective and accessible to all students.


  1. Ensure that the College of Arts and Science becomes synonymous with study abroad and is recognized as a leader in internationalization at the University of Saskatchewan.
  2. Ensure that there is a cultural shift in which studying abroad and globalization is a foundation of the student experience at the College of Arts and Science and is achiable for everyone.
  3. Thrive to ensure that the College of Arts and Science is considered one of the best places in the country to develop skills and connections that will make students more employable and more effective global citizens.
  4. Ensure that students who never thought studying abroad was for them, including indigenous students, first-generation post-secondary learners, students with disabilities, and those with family and employment obligations are able to participate in some form of a study abroad opportunity in a meaningful way.

Study abroad options

Faculty-led taught abroad

Where have we gone? Everywhere! Here is list of just a few of the places our faculty have taken their classes abroad. All faculty-led taught abroad courses are open to all students in all colleges. You do not need to be a major in these disciplines, you just need to have the appropriate prerequisites or permission of the instructor.

  • ITALY: HIST 433.6 - Vision of Empire: Architecture & Power in Ancient Rome & Fascist Italy – Angela Kalinowski and Alessio Ponzio
  • SOUTH AFRICA: HIST 322/422.6 - History, Politics and Society – Simone Horwitz
  • MONTANA: GEOL 308.3 - Field School, Sedimentary Rocks – Tim Prokopiuk
  • SPAIN: GEOL 405.3 - International Field Studies – Gabriela Mangano and Luis Buatois
  • LONDON, ENGLAND - DRAM 285.3 - Theatre Studies
  • GENEVA, SWITZERLAND (CERN) - PHYS 472.3 High Energy Particle Research Accelerators for Physics Research 2020 Summer Term
  • JOHANESSBERG, SOUTH AFRICA - HIST 322.6/422.6 - South Africa: History, Politics and Society
  • COPENHAGEN, DENMARK - PLAN 298.3 - Humanistic Urban Design: Copenhagen
  • ZORTMAN, MONTANA - GEOL 308.3 Geological Mapping I

Term abroad

Register in an Arts and Science course but take the class abroad! A term abroad credit is not a transfer credit because you are registering here at USask as you would with any other course—you just take class while you are in another country.

Summer programs

Attend programs offered abroad during the summer months for short, intensive programs focusing on a specific topic area. Choose from more than 16 destinations including Germany, France and China.


Attend a partner university abroad for one or two terms while gaining transfer credit toward your USask degree. We will help you find your perfect exchange opportunity. Choose from a variety of partner universities all over the world.


My study abroad course was life-changing. It gave me a completely new perspective on theatre that I hope to continue to explore in my studies and life after school. – DRAM 286 PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC

An incredible cultural experience and opportunity to develop field geology skills in a picturesque location! – GEOL 405 AUSTURIAS, SPAIN

This was a life-changing experience that I would not take back for the world. I saw Australia in a way I never would have, had I not done this program/course with these people. – INDG 498 MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA

It was so much better than I ever thought it could be! I'm already ready to go back, I will never forget this amazing experience.

This taught abroad course opened my eyes to a whole new world of culture and the way of life in Japan. If it weren’t for this opportunity, I’m not sure if I would have ever had the confidence to take the trip on my own. I was able to fully appreciate Japanese culture and society due to the fantastic preparatory learning I received in this course. – POLS 398 TOKYO (and other locations) JAPAN

A trip of a lifetime. The best way to maximize your university experience.

Take the challenge - engage in discovery of things you never knew about.

It entirely changed my life. By far, the best experience I've had at university.

Every UofS student should seriously consider going on a student abroad trip. It adds something priceless to your undergrad experience and reminds you of what education is really supposed to be about. And if money is a problem - you'd be surprised how much funding is available if you only take the time to look for it. I certainly was!

Studying abroad was the best decision I made in my degree! Travelling and taking a class that was outside of my major enhanced my education and helped me expand my worldview.

Study Abroad gave me the opportunity to experience course materials and what I was learning in a new way. Getting to truly experience what I was learning not only deepened my knowledge, but gave me a once in a lifetime chance to experience culture, arts, and friendship in another country. Learning in a classroom is one thing, but getting to apply that knowledge to real life through study abroad is something I’ll always cherish and has truly heightened my education.

Studying abroad through the U of S was a fantastic experience!

This was an incredible experience, and really an opportunity of a lifetime! Highly recommend everyone applies to participate in this program!


Find travel awards and scholarships for study abroad program or conferences, competitions or other study-related activities off campus.

Global Engagement Scholarships

Would you like to gain international experience as a USask student? Undergraduate and graduate USask students are eligible for a $1000 Global Engagement Scholarship to help offset costs related to studying abroad.

Indigenous Students Travel Award

The International Student and Study Abroad Centre (ISSAC) is offering 10 x $1000 Indigenous Student Travel Awards to degree-seeking students in USask approved study abroad programs.

Arts and Science Donor Funded Awards and Scholarships

  • James Barney Smyth International Study Abroad Award - two annual application deadlines
  • Gail Appel Fund for Study Abroad - two annual application deadlines
  • Maureen Rever-DuWors Biology Studies Travel Award
  • Joseph Zlacky Scholarship
  • McEwen Fund for Study Abroad
  • John Russell Kowalchuk Awards in Ukrainian Studies


For safety reasons, the University of Saskatchewan does not send students to high-risk areas that are under 'Avoid non-essential or all travel' advisory as per Global Affairs Canada.

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