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Getting to Know the College of Arts and Science

The College of Arts and Science is the only college of its kind in Western Canada, with the arts and the sciences studied in one collegial environment. Arts and Science students explore courses from the sciences, the social sciences, the humanities and the fine arts. This well-rounded experience is precisely what sets our students apart. Not only will you have a wide range of courses and programs to choose from, as a student in the College of Arts and Science you will become skilled in complex decision making, critical thinking and creative problem solving.

Our students, researchers, scholars and artists regularly work together, across disciplinary boundaries, to address today’s most pressing issues. As part of our community you will gain first-hand experience in this process through internships, undergraduate research, and community-engaged learning opportunities. Once you graduate from the college and become one of our more than 50,000 alumni around the world, we know that you too will be the idea-maker or the problem solver that the world needs.

Career Options

Here are a few of the career paths made possible by studying at the College of Arts and Science. Tap a career to learn about a program that can get you there.


The Arts and Science advantage

  Chapter 1: About the College of Arts and Science

  Chapter 2: Arts and Science Programs

  Chapter 3: Our College Community

  Chapter 4: Admission, Scholarships and Awards


Admission requirements

To gain admission to the College of Arts and Science, you will need the following:

  • Graduation from high school or secondary-level standing
  • A minimum five-subject admission average of 70% for high school students,
  • or transfer average of 60% for post-secondary transfer students
  • Grade 12-level mathematics*
  • English language proficiency 

* Applicants may be admitted with a mathematics deficiency but are encouraged to consult the college upon admission to plan how to clear the deficiency.

Conditional admission
If you are in progress of completing these requirements, you can be considered for conditional admission if you submit your most recent report card or transcript, as well as an official timetable or class schedule, to show the above requirements will be met.

Special (mature) admission
If you do not meet the regular requirements for admission and you are aged 21 or older, you have the opportunity to apply for special (mature) admission.

Alternate (USTEP) admission
If you do not meet the regular admission requirements and you are aged 21 years or younger, you have the opportunity to apply to the University of Saskatchewan Transition Entrance Program - USTEP. Students in USTEP can register in a maximum of 18 credit units per year or nine credit units per semester.

Arts and Science Prerequisites

Prerequisites are specific courses that must be completed before a student can take other courses at the university level. The following chart indicates which subjects require grade 12 level biology, chemistry, math and computer science to fulfil program requirements in the College of Arts and Science. Programs that do not require those subjects are not listed.

Note: While these courses can be included in an admission average calculation, where appropriate, they are not prerequisites for admission to the College of Arts and Science.

○ Recommended Subject
● Required Subject
Δ Strongly recommended for most efficicent path through program

Students who study foundations of mathematics in high school but who require pre-calculus mathematics to complete their degree requirements can study MATH 102.3 or 104.3 at USask to clear their pre-calculus mathematics requirement.

Students who require computer science but were not able to take CMPT 30 in high school may take CMPT 140.3 at USask to clear their requirement.

*When all three sciences are listed as recommended, students require at least one of BIO 30, CHEM 30 or PHYS 30.

**Students aiming to be admitted directly to these degree programs will need to have taken CHEM 30, BIOL 30 and Foundations of Math 30, with a grade of 70% or higher in each, in order to be eligible. Also, students aiming for these degree programs can substitute Pre-calculus 30 or Calculus 30 for Foundations of Mathematics 30, and if more than one of these three Math 30 courses are completed, the highest grade will work toward the student's application.


The College of Arts and Science provides a world of opportunity with over 60 academic programs, including certificates and degrees focused on Indigenous perspectives. Indigenous student advisors at the Trish Monture Centre for Student Success take a holistic approach, helping students to identify strategies and resources for wellness and successful lifelong learning. Arts and Science Indigenous Student Achievement Pathways (ISAP) welcomes students with courses and programming that support academic confidence, skill-building and connection to a culturally-celebratory community for learning.

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A learning community consists of a group of 15–25 first-year students who take classes together and share some common interests. Arts and Science learning communities are designed to ease the transition into university by providing our first-year students with extra opportunities to make friends, study and work together to develop the academic and personal skills to succeed. Each learning community is assigned two peer mentors, who are expert learners and can help guide students through their first year. Registration opens at the beginning of May.

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Do you want to apply for admission, but your marks don’t meet our admission requirements? If you’re under 21 and your high school average is between 60–69.9%, then you could be admitted to the University of Saskatchewan Transition Entrance Program. The Transition Entrance Program offers a close-knit learning environment to support students throughout their first year and help students overcome common first-year university challenges.

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If you have questions about programs and first-year course selection, contact our advising office:

 306-966-4231      Find Out More



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