Info Sheets and Request Forms


Academic request sheets

IB / AP Course Decline Form
For students who wish to decline transfer credit for an International Baccalaureate (IB) or an Advanced Placement (AP) course. Note: this action is permanent.

Graduation Check
Submit your grad check one semester before you intend to graduate to confirm all program requirements will be satisfied

Honours Application
For students who are eligible to pursue an Honours degree program in their major. A minimum of 70% overall and in the major required to be eligible for an Honours degree.

Permission to take 21 cu
Permission to take 3 cu more than the full-time maximum of 18 cu in the Spring/Summer session

Permission to take 36 cu
Permission to take 6 cu more than the full-time maximum of 30 cu in the regular session from September - April (3 cu more per semester)

Permission to Repeat a Course
For students who wish to repeat a course in which they have received a 50-59% (restrictions apply)

Second Degree Request
For students from another college at the University of Saskatchewan who wish to pursue an Arts & Science degree in addition to their degree in their home college

Visiting Student Request
For students who wish to register in courses at another institution other than the University of Saskatchewan

Letter Request Form
For students who need to confirm university status


Academic Information Sheets

Automatic Transfer from Other Colleges
Not all courses from other colleges transfer to the College of Arts & Science. Check out this list to be sure you will receive credit for the courses you are interested in completing at another college

Calculation of Major Average
Want to know what courses are included in the calculation of the CWA in your major?

Direct Entry Colleges
For students interested in applying to a direct entry college such as the Edwards School of Business or the College of Engineering, this handout provides information on courses they can take in the College of Arts & Science that will transfer into these programs

First Year Handbook
A comprehensive guide to life in university for first-year students. Includes information on campus resources, academic life and key policies and procedures students should be aware of

Minors and Recognition Programs
An overview of the minors and recognition programs offered in the College of Arts & Science

Non-Direct Entry Colleges
An overview of the prerequisite courses students must complete to be eligible to apply to non-direct entry colleges such as Education, Dentistry, Medicine, Social Work and Vet Med as well as other colleges

Promotion and Graduation Standards
An overview of promotion and graduation standards in the College of Arts & Science with an explanation of the minimum cumulative weighted averages required

Retaking Courses
Guidelines and restrictions for retaking courses in the College of Arts & Science

Statistics Course Restrictions
Clarification on statistics course restrictions. Be sure to review this sheet before you register for statistics courses to avoid losing credit

Website Quicklist
A helpful quicklist of U of S services that students access regularly. A directory at your fingertips!



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