Academic checks and balances

DegreeWorks is a degree audit service for students and advisors available through PAWS.  The degree audit is a listing of classes completed and classes required for a student’s current program and calendar year and will display the following:

  • Student and program information;
  • Courses and requirements outstanding and fulfilled;
  • Approximate progress in program based on requirements fulfilled;
  • Credit Units required and obtained;
  • Student marks;
  • Course exceptions;
  • Course equivalents;
  • Advisor notes;
  • Insufficient and repeated classes.
  • Extra Courses

DegreeWorks will provide students and advisors the following planning features and functions:

  • A ‘What-If?’ feature that allows students and advisors to see how classes taken would fit into another program;
  • A ‘Look Ahead’ feature, allowing students and advisors to see which requirements may be satisfied by taking particular courses;
  • A ‘Planner’ feature, allowing students and advisors to plan a course of study for a term, for a year, or for a complete program;


To access DegreeWorks:

  • Log into PAWS with your NSID and password;
  • Click the Academics tab;
    • Locate the My Academic Profile channel;
    • Click the DegreeWorks button or link.


Online Support

Click the Help Tab on the menu bar from any page within the program to access context-sensitive online help for DegreeWorks.  A new window will open that will display help related to the page that was open when Help was clicked.

College and Department Advising Offices

Program-related support may be obtained from the advising office in your college or department.  Please contact your college or department advising office with any questions related to:

  • Course requirement issues;
  • Program requirement issues;
  • Degree requirement issues;
  • Student information errors and omissions;
  • Course-related errors and omissions;

A list of advisors by college is available here.

ICT Service Desk

Technical support may be obtained from the ICT Service Desk for non-program issues.  Please contact the Service Desk for support related to the following:

  • NSID and username issues;
  • Networking issues;
  • Browser-related issues;
  • PAWS connections issues;
  • PAWS tabs issues;
  • PAWS channels issues
  • PAWS link issues to DegreeWorks

Click here for ICT Service Desk contact information.

College or Department Support Desk

Limited DegreeWorks support may be obtained from dedicated college-specific IT support units. If you belong to one of these colleges, you may be able to seek from them.

Click  here for a list of college-specific help desks.