Deferred Exams


Students in the College of Arts and Science may request a deferred exam if they experience an extenuating circumstance that impacts their ability to write their final exam on the scheduled day and time.

An extenuating circumstance is understood as a sudden and unexpected event or situation that is beyond one’s control. Some examples include acute health issues, medical or family emergencies, the death of a close friend or family member, or legal matters.

There are two types of deferred exams. A regular deferred exam can be requested if a student misses their scheduled final exam. A special deferred exam can be requested if a student misses their regular deferred exam. A special deferred exam is the student’s last option for writing their final exam.

Process for requesting a deferred exam:

  • Requests for deferred exams must be initiated within THREE WORKING DAYS of the scheduled exam.
  • Students must contact the Undergraduate Student Office in person (ARTS 265) or via phone (306 966-4231) to initiate their request.
  • Once initiated, the completed form along with supporting documentation must be submitted within FIVE WORKING DAYS.
  • The completed request must be delivered to the Undergraduate Student Office.
  • If the request is approved, both the student and the instructor will receive a confirmation email that includes the date, time, and location of the exam.
  • Fees will be applied to your student account upon approval of your deferred exam: $40.00 for regular deferred exams, and $80.00 for special deferred exams.

It is the responsibility of the student to ensure their request is complete and submitted by the deadline. Requests that are incomplete, late, or without supporting documentation will not be considered.

Approval of deferred exam requests is at the discretion of the Undergraduate Student Office. When reviewing an appeal request, we consider the extenuating circumstance, the student’s academic performance, and their history of requesting deferred exams.

Deferred exams are not intended to support ongoing and persistent conditions or situations, nor do they replace other types of accommodations that may be provided by Access and Equity Services.

As a student, your goal is to complete your course work and exams by the end of each semester. Frequent and recurring requests for deferred exams may signal the need for additional supports or strategies to achieve this goal. An academic advisor can help you to identify your needs and connect you with appropriate supports on campus.