Picture of Camila Ramos Bernardes

Camila Ramos Bernardes Spanish and Portuguese

Camila has a degree in Languages with a specialization in Spanish, and teaches all levels of Spanish and Portuguese. She makes her classes enjoyable and fun and helps her students have real conversations.

Camila teaches all levels of Spanish and Portuguese. She has a Languages degree with a specialization in Spanish. She has helped students in Brazil and in the U.S. to learn the language in order to increase their job opportunities and college readiness. For two consecutive years, she was chosen by them to receive "The Teacher of the Year" Award. Camila enjoys learning other languages, working with children, and traveling.

Camila on teaching: My top priority is to make my Spanish and Portuguese classes enjoyable and fun. In the classroom, I want my students to be able to have a real conversation using the target language, and not to focus only on grammar or improving their accent. I explain the concept of the words and teach them how to use it instead of a word-by-word translation.