Picture of  Robin Adair

Robin Adair Drawing, Painting, Art Journaling and Children's Classes

Robin Adair is a visual artist and art educator who has been teaching in Saskatoon for over 15 years. He believes that when students are given understandable tools to practice in a safe environment they are eventually empowered to take ownership over their own creative development.

In his art practice, Robin primarily explores figurative subject matter and specializes in pen and ink drawings, acrylic paintings, and digital works. Along with teaching adult and youth classes in painting, drawing, and art journaling for the Community Arts and Artisanship Program, he also facilitates school workshops and community outreach programs at the Remai Modern in Saskatoon.

Robin completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005, a Masters of Arts in 2010, and a PhD in English literature in 2021. 

Robin on teaching: In the classroom I consider myself a facilitator. For me, the facilitator role is a balancing act between demonstration and mediation. I am aware of the various comfort levels students may have coming into the class for the first time. Although I ultimately want to challenge my students, and to stretch and enrich their established learning habits, I know from experience it is best for this to happen gradually over time and at the pace of each individual student. The guiding principal behind my teaching philosophy is to do the necessary work behind the scenes to create a stable scaffolding for both the students and the teacher to collaboratively build a safe and vital learning environment. My teaching approach is about giving the students enough space, and providing the necessary tools, to practice specific skills while developing an individual channel for creative expression.

You can find Robin on Instagram and his website.