Picture of  Robert Miller

Robert Miller Glass Art

Robert has always liked the way stained glass can be manipulated to form various artistic or functional pieces. He continues to grow his knowledge and technical abilities through experimentation, and enjoys teaching students to do the same.

Robert Miller started with stained glass and the copper foil technique and then moved on to explore blown and fused glass. Robert settled on fused glass as it allows him to combine techniques and methods to explore endless possibilities and push the boundaries of the glass and his imagination. An expanding number and size of kilns has allowed him to do this. Robert likes to take workshops and classes with various instructors and enjoys building on this knowledge to express and increase his artistic abilities. He has been an active member of the Saskatoon Glassworkers Guild since 2011. He has been on the executive, off and on, of the Guild for the past 6 years. Robert is also a juried member of the Saskatchewan Craft Council and exhibit and sells his work in galleries, gift shops and shows around the province.