Picture of  Kara Perpelitz

Kara Perpelitz Spinning

Kara is a Master Spinner and Fibre Artist. She believes a solid foundation in "the rules" of any craft is the key to learning how to break them to create art with the best success. As an instructor she creates a brave space for students to learn and explore all the opportunity the fibre arts have to offer.

Kara Perpelitz is a Master Spinner (Olds College, 2017) and Fibre Artist from Saskatchewan. When she first discovered handspun yarns over a decade ago, she certainly didn’t see it becoming a passion. This passion has lead to writing, teaching and creating art out of yarn. As the recipient of multiple grants through the Sask Arts Board she has been able to spread her love of yarn and fibre to many communities in Northern Saskatchewan.

Kara on teaching: When spinning yarns is concerned, I'm always on the look out for the Aha! moment. Every student ends up with one of those. From that moment on, the world opens up for students and I like to encourage them to explore the possibilities. As to all the other fibre arts (and there are many!) starting with the basics is an important step, but there's room for exploration from the get go. With gentle nudges and small suggestions I give my students the space to explore the medium of fibre, thread and fabric with no boundaries.

You can find Kara on Instagram and her website.