Picture of  Jill Cope

Jill Cope Textiles

Jill is a graduate of the Art and Artisanship Certificate Program and loves to take traditional materials and make them into something non-traditional. She hopes to instill in her students a love of creativity and to have the courage to try new things.

As a fibre artist, Jill loves to take traditional materials and make them into something non-traditional, while experimenting and exploring along the way.

She is drawn to anything fibre (wool, fabric, paper) as a creative medium because of its texture, warmth, and ability to morph into anything she wants it to be. Jill loves colour, texture, whimsy, and shiny things. These are the patterns and themes in her work.

A graduate of the University of Saskatchewan’s Art and Artisanship Certificate Program, and graduating from the Advanced Certificate Program in 2023, Jill has never known a time when she wasn’t doing art and creative endeavours.

You’ll find her house littered with fabric scraps, glitter, beads, and art projects in various stages of completion, along with fibre dust bunnies running wild. Jill likes having multiple projects on the go, so she can flit from project to project when she needs to take a break from one and seek new inspiration.

If she is not having fun with a project, then Jill wonders why she is still working on it! She tries to find time every day to take another step on her creative journey.

Jill on teaching: I hope to instill in my students a love of creativity (no matter what form), and to have the courage to try new things—heck it’s only fibre—it’s not precious gold! There are no mistakes—only outcomes you weren’t expecting. That’s when the magic really begins, and the piece becomes even better than originally planned. Be open for anything!