Current Transfer Agreements

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The College of Arts & Science is currently home to nearly 3,500 transfer students—defined as students who come to the college after spending time at other colleges or institutions. That number comprises nearly 21 per cent of the university’s total undergraduate population. Transfer agreements make it easier for students to move between institutions without having to repeat course material.

Below is a list of current transfer articulation agreements between the College of Arts & Science and other institutions. To view each agreement, click on the title:  

 Beijing Institute of Technology- Dual Undergraduate Degree Program in Economics
 Briercrest Articulation Agreement
 Capital Normal University- Life Sciences, Biology Stream
 Huazhong Agricultural University- Dual Undergraduate Degree in Sociology
 Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST)-BioScience Technology Diploma Program
 Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST) -Business Certificate Program
 Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST) - Chemical Technology Diploma Program
 Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST) - Computer Systems Technology Diploma Program
 Xi’an Jiaotong University- Joint Undergraduate Degree Program in Sociology

Transfer Credit Terminology

Articulation Agreement
An agreement between two institutions authorizing studies undertaken at one institution to credit toward studies undertaken at another institution. Articulation agreements can be bilateral (with each institution agreeing to recognize the other’s courses) or one-way. Credit transfer can be established on a course-by-course or block transfer credit basis.

Course-by-Course  Transfer
The process of granting credit for a course (or courses) from one institution to another by completing a comparison of course content and learning outcomes for each individual course. Credit can be awarded for a specific U of S course (or courses) or non-specific credit for an area or an elective at the junior-level, senior-level, or unspecified-level.

Block Transfer
The process of granting credit for a group of completed courses from one institution to another without requiring course-by-course assessments. An example would be granting a block of 30 to 60 transfer credits for a completed postsecondary diploma at a recognized institution.

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