Spanish 3

Instructor: Camila Ramos Bernardes
Tuesdays 7-9pm
10 weeks: September 19 to November 28, no class October 31
Location: In-person Williams Building room 316
$305 + GST 


For students who can express existence, family relationships, location, possession, and time. Students will master and learn to:

  •  Describe and ask for the description of different rooms in a home
  •  Enumerate and ask for different objects in rooms of a home
  •  Reserve a hotel room with desired amenities
  •  Indicate and ask for pricing
  •  Indicate and ask for desired course in a restaurant
  •  Indicate and ask for personal likes, dislikes & leisure activities
  •  Give instructions to make a culinary dish for a meal                                              
  •  Indicate and ask for origin of food products
  •  Give informal and formal commands
  •  Indicate and ask about daily activities
  •  Grant and ask for favors                 
  •  Indicate and ask for directions