French 8

Instructor: Giuliano Gullotti
Mondays 4:45-6:45pm
10 weeks: September 25 to December 4, no class October 9
Location: Online
$305 (GST is not applied to Canadian official languages courses)


For students who can ask about and relate past events and experiences, link a consequence to a condition, and indicate degrees of certitude.  Use of the present, past and imperative tenses in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms are acquired skills.

Students will master and learn to:

  •  Indicate and ask for a favor                
  •  Accept and refuse to fulfill a favor
  •  Indicate and ask for permission
  •  Agree and disagree to grant permission
  •  Use the conditional tense for requests, advice and invitations 
  •  Justify one’s position
  •  Ask appropriate questions for any situation, event or experience
  •  Situate any action, event or experience in the correct time frame
  •  Describe and ask about events, actions and experiences in the past
  •  Indicate and ask about degrees of certitude
  •  Indicate and ask about location of people, places or things