French 3

Instructor: Jeffrey Klassen
Mondays 5:30pm-7:30pm
10 weeks: September 18 to November 27, no class October 9
Location: In-person Williams Building room 315
$305 (GST is not applied to Canadian official languages courses)


For students who can express existence, family relationships, negation, interests and possession, and who can describe a person and place. Speaking in the present tense is an acquired skill. Students will master and learn to:

  • Indicate and ask about habitual actions
  • Indicate and ask for time
  • Indicate and ask for the frequency of actions
  • Express resemblance and differences
  • Describe and ask for the description of pieces of clothing
  • Indicate and ask about the weather
  • Buy and sell a product
  • Indicate and ask about how one dresses