Picture of  Alison Montgomery

Alison Montgomery Watercolour

Alison lives and works in Saskatoon and has been painting in watercolour for almost 40 years. As an art educator and practicing artist, she provides practical advice and helpful feedback, and encourages students to share knowledge, exchange understandings, and explore new ideas.

Alison R Montgomery’s paintings have been showcased in many solo and group exhibitions, and her work is represented in many corporate and private collections. The riverbank, prairie, and fields near and around Saskatoon, and the shores of Waskesiu Lake and area in Prince Albert National Park are Alison Montgomery's preferred outdoor studios. In November of 2018, at Hues Art Supply, Alison exhibited a show of large works of watercolour and absorbent ground on canvas titled Studio Work, that featured an exploration of the ballet dancer as subject matter, and the studio as a workplace. In December of 2020, also at Hues, Alison presented Trails of Waskesiu, an exhibition of landscapes in watercolour on canvas that featured interpretations of the interior of the boreal forest along the trails in and around Waskesiu Lake. Alison continues to work both in the studio and en plein air and is currently compiling a new body of work on canvas titled Connections.

Alison taught secondary Visual Arts in the Saskatoon Public School District for thirty-one years, superannuating in June of 2015. She studied at the University of Saskatchewan, graduating with a Bachelor of Education in 1984 with majors in both Art and History, and recently earned a Masters in Adult Education/Lifelong Learning (2017). Alison is an art instructor in the University of Saskatchewan College of Arts and Sciences Community Arts Program and at Hues Art Supply in Saskatoon. Alison is also very active as a musician in several community ensembles and has just published her third book in series of autobiographical memoirs. 

Alison on teaching: 

My role as an instructor is to create a safe and respectful learning environment. Throughout my teaching career, both as a high school Visual Arts instructor and more recently as an adult educator, I have come to know the importance of building relationships, collaborating with colleagues, and having a sense of humour. 

Teaching online presents unique challenges for the instructor and requires a creative approach to studio art instruction. Although online instruction is a relatively new method of delivery for me, it has been a blessing during this time of pandemic as students from various locales and remote situations have been able to access learning. Whether teaching online or in person, I strive to maintain course integrity, provide individual feedback, and make meaningful connections with students in all my classes.

You can find Alison on Facebook and Instagram.