Picture of  Adrian Golban

Adrian Golban Sculpture

Adrian is known for his large scale public works of art, which grace numerous public and private collections. His goal is to teach students the alphabet of sculpture’s visual elements and shapes.

Adrian Golban's works have been prominently exhibited in Romania (59 exhibitions), as well as all across Europe (18 exhibitions) in countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Italy, Ukraine, Belgium, and Holland, and they have been awarded numerous prizes and diplomas. Adrian’s work has its aesthetic base in the classical, modernism and abstract expressionism. He specializes in portraiture and abstract forms. Loyal to wood, stone, bronze and terracotta, he enjoys exploring non-conventional materials as long as they can contribute to the development of his visual vocabulary.

Adrian on teaching: By breaking down the steps for measuring and then replicating all the proportions and angles, I take the mystery out of creating three dimensional artwork. This gives students the tools and skills they need. Knowing this alphabet, they can build on that and create words and sentences in their artwork. I enjoy discovering each student’s talent and potential and helping them develop as artists.

You can find Adrian on Instagram.