French 6

Instructor: Irène Gould
Wednesdays 5:30-7:30pm
10 weeks: September 20 to November 22
Location: Online
$305 (GST is not applied to Canadian official languages courses)


For students who can indicate problems, give advice, preferences, and instructions, relate past events and situations, continuity and interruption of an action. Use of the passé composé, indirect object pronouns and negation are acquired skills.

Students will master and learn to:

  •  Describe and ask about symptoms and pain
  •  Give and ask for advice
  •  Give and ask for directions and instructions
  •  Indicate and ask about someone’s point of view
  •  Situate a habit, a habitual action or a description in the past
  •  Describe and ask about past circumstances, people, places and habits
  •  Express continuity or discontinuity of actions

Course Materials

french-5-8.png   french-5-8-wb.png