University of Saskatchewan Music Educators' Society

Mission Statement

The University of Saskatchewan Music Educator's Society (USMES) represents all Music Education students at USASK. Our mission is to promote and provide professional development opportunities throughout the year to enhance the learning opportunities of students involved in this field. USMES will act as the collective voice of music education students in communication with faculty and additional musical organizations.

Executive (2023-2024)

President: Hanna Hashi
Vice-President: Jon Tait
Secretary: Piper Van Beek
Treasurer: Samuel Boyd
Director of Public Relations: Rochelle Wright
Lower-Year Representative: Tyrell Hardlotte
Upper-Year Representative: Tommy Vaquer

Activities and Membership

All Music Education students are automatically members of USMES. We hold elections for positions on our executive in late March, and again for the 1st year representative in September.  All music students (Music Education, Individualized, Performance) are welcome to vote in the elections. Descriptions of the positions on the USMES executive can be found in our constitution.  

Every year, USMES encourages all Music and Music Education students to attend SMC (Saskatchewan Music Conference), a 3-day long conference put on by the 5 music organizations in the province. The conference offers educational and interactive sessions on such topics as conducting, instrumental and choral directing, elementary music, jazz band, orchestra, student leadership, and much more. USMES works to obtain grants to subsidize or sometimes cover in entirety the cost of travel and accommodations for students attending the conference.

USMES is also an advocate for students in the Department. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have or to help you with any issues pertaining to Music and Music Education classes! 


Association of Student Musicians

The Association of Student Musicians is a ratified student group that represents the interests and concerns of Music to the faculty, staff, and the University at large, and acts on these students' behalf. ASM works in concert with faculty and staff to maintain and continue to improve the quality of Music instruction offered. ASM brings together students with a love of Music through social, educational, and/or musical experiences.

The ASM is here to listen to the concerns of students, big or small, and are here to help in any way possible. Please contact the ASM president with any concerns you may have.

Executive (2023-2024)

President: Celestino de Pedro
Vice-President: Daly Haas
Secretary: Sanjana Brijlall
Treasurer: Piper Van Beek
Social Coordinator: Emma Gillingham
Senior Member: Tommy Vaquer
Representative: Rayna Coutts-Archibald