Directed by Dr. Garry Gable, with Music Director Kathleen Lohrenz Gable, the Music Theatre Ensemble is an auditioned group of 8-14 members. The group is dedicated to providing instruction and on-stage performing experience for singers in the genres of Opera, Operetta, and Broadway styles. Largely, their work is done in excerpted scenes from full-sized works. However, the ensemble does produce a full-scale work when the forces are right. Music Theatre often has (and encourages) participants from all facets of the university interested in staged singing. For more information, please contact Dr. Garry Gable.


 Quance Theatre. Rm 1003 EDUC.
 Wednesday, Sept 6 – 2:30-4 pm & Friday, Sept 8 - 2:00- 5:00

**sign-up for audition on Dr Gable’s door (RM 1051 EDUC) from Aug 30.

Prepare 1 Broadway work, AND one aria or art song in original language. Staging preferred for theater pieces. Be prepared to do a ‘cold-read’ during your audition. Non-music majors are invited and welcome to audition with evidence of vocal ability and stage experience in professional, community, or high school settings.
Please bring to the audition clean, unfolded nor rolled, copies of your music, and a resumé showing your theater/singing experiences.

Class Times: MWF 2:30pm - 4:00pm, T1 & T2 inclusive

Intensive Weekend Rehearsals – we run a full weekend of Intensive rehearsal in each semester before each show in order to consolidate staging and music and be able to present a strong show. Attendance at these rehearsals is mandatory.

Two shows

1) Fall- Oct 21&22, Quance Theater – 'Getting to the Hart of Richard Rodgers'

A medley show featuring songs from shows of Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart.
NB  *intensive weekend will be during the weekend of Sept. 29-Oct 1.

2) Winter -Mar 10&11 Tba-  ‘Opera favorites from Mozart’s time’
Intensive weekend will be  tba in Term 2.

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