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Student Information

Confirmation will be sent to this address.
If you answered 'Other' under Type of Recital, please provide a brief description of your recital structure.

Basic Setup Questions

All first-third year recitals will be held in Quance. Fourth year and graudate recitals should be given in Convocation Hall unless prearranged otherwise.
*For Quance recitals only.
*For Quance recitals only.

Setup Information

Please provide a list of your repertoire along with the setup requirements for each piece (e.g. music stand placement, lighting requests, etc...).

Please note that Recital Assistants are not responsible for setting up props.

Percussionists are responsible for setting up their own equipment.

Special Requirements

Approval must first be given by the Office Coordinator.
Please check this box to confirm that you have received approval for your recital setup plans from your applied lessons instructor.

Please ensure that you are not submitting confidential or sensitive information.