Structure and Function

Research on the structure of biological organisms or ecological systems and how they carry out biological functions. The following faculty have research programs that fall within this topic area:
Dr. Chris Ambrose Plant Cell Biology
Dr. Peta Bonham-Smith Molecular biology of plants and plant development.
Dr. Carlos de Egydio Carvalho Molecular genetics and meiotic chromosome segregation.
Dr. Jorge Chedrese Molecular Endocrinology and Biotechnology
Dr. Larry Fowke (emeritus) Cell division in plants with emphasis on the regulatory molecules which control the process and the cell organelles involved, particularly microtubules.
Dr. Art Davis Plant morphology and pollination ecology
Dr. Jack Gray Neuroethology of insect flight.

Dr. Susan Kaminskyj (on leave)

Fungal Cell Biology and Genetics: Molecular biology of fungal growth and development.
Fungi of Saskatchewan
Dr. Vipen Sawhney Plant development
Dr. Tracy Marchant Environmental and hormonal regulation of body growth in fish
Dr. Som Niyogi Aquatic Toxicology
Dr. Christopher D Todd Plant physiology and molecular biology
Dr. Yangdou Wei Molecular plant pathology.
Dr. Ken Wilson Lower plant functional genomics, Algal ecophysiology and molecular biology