Undergraduate Research

Undergraduates in our programs can gain valuable research experience through a number of specific research courses, or within our Certificate in Biological Research.

In order to complete one of the undergraduate research courses (BIOL 380, 479, 480 or 481), you will need to find a faculty supervisor in the Department of Biology who has a research project suitable for an undergrads research project. To find a supervisor, think about the subdiscipline of biology that you find most interesting. Check out the faculty profiles under the “Our People” tab on the Department’s webpage. Contact faculty who work in that subdiscipline and simply ask if they would be willing to supervise a research project for you in an undergraduate research course. Regular, associate and adjunct faculty in the Department of Biology are able to supervise undergraduate research projects.  Faculty often advertise undergraduate projects through the “Undergraduates” tab on the Department of Biology webpage. Check back often as notices of projects could be posted anytime up to the start of registration for the term.

Once you find a faculty supervisor for a research project, you and your supervisor will complete a short form that will be submitted to the Department Head for approval. This form can be submitted anytime up until the last day to add a course in the fall or winter term but be sure to allow a couple of days for processing. Once you have Department Head approval, you will be contacted by the Department office and given permission to register.

If you want more information, contact the Department of Biology at biology.dept@usask.ca.

Research Course Syllabi & Forms

Fall 2022 Research Projects


Biol 380 - Morphological & DNA Analysis of Forest Mushrooms

Biol 479 - Projects in Vertebrate Evolution and Organismal Biology

Gray Lab Research Projects - undergraduates/gray-research.docx

Environment and Climate Change Canada Gurney Research Projects - undergraduates/eccc-gurney-research.docx

National Research Council Canada (NRC) Clark Research Projects - undergraduates/clark-nrc-research.docx

Wilson Lab Research Projects - undergraduates/wilson-research.docx





Winter 2023 Research Projects

Biol 380, 479, 480 or 481 - Snail Evolution and Development





Previous Research Projects - (T2 Winter 2021)

Previous Research Projects - (T2 - Winter 2020)

BIOL 380 - Genetic Characterization of Rodent Fleas

BIOL 380 - Bioacoustics in the Boreal: nocturnal birds on the map

Previous Undergraduate Research Projects