Graduate Opportunities

MSc or Phd Student Opportunities in Wetlands Research:

Project background: Wetlands are endemic throughout the prairie region and provide benefits such as attenuating runoff, enhancing pollinators, recharging groundwater and sustaining waterfowl. However, wetlands are often regarded as barriers to crop production due to reduced cropland acreage and decreasing efficiency in field operations. Many wetlands have been drained, cropped or degraded by pesticides, excess nutrients, and disturbance from farming practices. Consequently, prairie wetlands are declining in both numbers and health.

Funding: This project will provide a fully funded student stipend of $22,500/year with the opportunity to TA to earn additional support.

Application: Qualified students are invited to apply to the Department of Biology at the University of Saskatchewan in Dr. Christy Morrissey’s lab

Find the full posting and application details here: MSc or Phd opportunity in Wetlands Research

MSc or Phd Student Opportunities on conservation, ecology, and physiology of wild bats in Canada

Funding: We are currently advertising up to three graduate student openings in the Department of Biology, at the University of Saskatchewan. Start dates of May or September, 2023 are possible. There is also the potential to be a part of one of the field research teams in the summer of 2023, prior to formally enrolling in the graduate program. Full stipends ($25,000k CAD/yr for 4 years (Ph.D.) or 2.5 years (M.Sc.)) are guaranteed for the first two positions, but the successful students will be expected to apply for stipend supports for which they may be eligible (e.g., NSERC post-graduate scholarships for Canadian citizens). Stipend support is not currently secured for the third position, but applicants with competitive applications will be put forward for internal support (e.g., TAships). Proposed suitability of each project for either a Ph.D. student or a M.Sc. student is indicated, but there is flexibility in expanding or narrowing each project to tailor to either degree program.

Find the project descriptions and application details here: MSc or Phd opportunities in Conservation, Ecology, and Physiology of Wild Bats in Canada