Picture of Peta Bonham-Smith

Peta Bonham-Smith B.Sc., Ph.D


Faculty Member in Biology

CSRB 220.3

Research Area(s)

  • Determining the role of ribosomal proteins in ribosome function and heterogeneity, and how expression of ribosomal proteins is regulated and coordinated
  • Identifying the developmental pathway of trichome development in Brassicas
  • Plant development
  • Molecular biology of the plan ribosome


heat stress molecular biology plant plant cell biology plant ribosome trichomes

plant ribosome, heat stress, trichomes, plant cell biology

Awards & Honours

  • Teaching Excellence Award, Division of Science, awarded by College of Arts & Science July 2009
  • Women of Distinction, Science, Technology & the Environment, awarded by YWCA April 2002
  • USSU Teaching Excellence, awarded by USSU July 2001