Fall 2022

The first event of the year will be a BBQ on Thursday, September 29th, from 4:00-7:00pm at the GSA Commons!


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2022-2023 Council Members

President: Kayla Caruso (

Vice-President: Scott Butler-Siemens (

Treasurer: Isla Griebel (

GSA Rep: Shuqi Ren (

Secretary: Lindsay Carlson (

Social Committee: Lynsey Bent (

Social Committee: Antastasiia Nykonenko (

Social Committee: Mahesh Rachamalla (

Ecology Rep: Mercy Harris (

2020-2021 Council Members

 President: Mercy Harris

Vice-president: Aaron Bell

Treasurer: Ruth Greuel

GSA Councillor: Jory Litt-Jukes

Academic Representative: Simon Tkaczyk

Secretary: Dylan Baloun

2019-2020 Council Members

Ecology Representative: Maryam Ajiboye

Cell Biology/Plant Biology: Faryal Hamaz

GSA Councillor - Rebecca Smith