Picture of Ken Wilson

Ken Wilson Ph.D. (Univ. Western Ontario)

Associate Professor

Faculty Member in Biology
Department Head of Indigenous Studies

CSRB 320.4

Research Area(s)

  • How photosynthetic organisms detect changes in their environment, and respond to protect themselves from stress and cellular damage
  • Utilize the microbial nature of green algae to develop and test theories on how plants detect changes in and respond to their environment
  • Algal Biodiversity
  • Algal Photosynthesis
  • Bioenergetics
  • Lower plant functional genomics
  • Algal ecophysiology

Teaching & Supervision

Special interest in teaching first year introductory biology.

College of Arts and Science Teaching Excellence Award (Science) 2010

Provost's Award for Outstanding Teaching (Science) 2010


algae biodiversity bioenergetics genomics molecular biology photosynthesis

Bioenergetics Algal Photosynthesis Algal Biodiversity