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Biology is the science of the 21st century and at the forefront of stunning advances in our understanding of life processes, ranging from genome discoveries to the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems. The Department of Biology offers courses in a broad range of foundational and contemporary biological topics, and programs that can be tailored to meet individual interests. We emphasize hands-on, laboratory-based learning experiences in all of our undergraduate courses. Our degree programs promote critical skills development and provide exciting opportunities for sophisticated learning of fundamental principles and contemporary approaches to the science of life.

Students graduating with a degree from the Department of Biology are well suited for a wide range of careers - in education, environmental studies, applied research or biomedical sciences to name just a few. Biology is an excellent choice for students interested in gaining entrance to a health science program, including medicine, dentistry, nursing, and veterinary medicine. Our faculty conduct first-rate research over the entire biological spectrum and have particular strengths in integrating across all levels of biological organization. We are enthusiastic about our undergraduate teaching and actively encourage students to engage with us in our research. An Honours program is specifically designed to provide students with preparation for more advanced graduate level training in Biology or a related discipline.

What's New?

  • Our newest courses are now available for 2019-2020 registration:
    • BIOL 301 prerequisites now include a stats course. Check this out in the course catalogue!
    • We have a new credential called the Certificate in Biological Research. Check this out in the program catalogue! 
  • Saturday? Yes, Saturday! We will continue to offer a BIOL 120 lecture and lab option to run on Saturday during the Fall term of 2019/20. 
  • Interested in undergraduate research in biology? Check out the new undergraduate research page!
  • Research courses available: BIOL 380, BIOL 479, BIOL 480 or BIOL 481. Check the course catalogue for prerequisites and other information.

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We are also major contributors to interdisciplinary programs in Health Studies, Toxicology, and Agricultural Biology.