Picture of Nicole Webster

Nicole Webster

Assistant Professor

Faculty Member in Biology

CSRB 320.3

Research Area(s)

  • Snails
  • mollusca
  • evo-devo
  • biomineralization
  • development
  • evolution


biomineralization crepidula evo-devo mollusca snail

I am interested in understanding the genetic and devleopmental mechanisms that are used to create novel structures. Specifically, my lab tries to understand how the shell of molluscs (snails, clams, Nautilus...) has evolved into so many different forms by understanding the developmental mechanisms regulating biomineralization via the mantle (the tissue that secretes the shell). We work with the non-traditional model organism, Crepidula atrasolea (slipper limpet).

I am currently recruiting undergradates at any level to join my lab.

I am also recruiting a PhD student for Fall 2024. Please contact me if you are interested, and find further details here: https://grad.usask.ca/programs/biology.php#top