Undergraduate Programs

A Major in Biology

There are three options for this major:

B.Sc. Three year: a sound introduction to the major areas of Biology.  This degree works well for students who are interested in some of the professional programs that require one or two years of preparatory coursework (like veterinary medicine, dentistry, law, nursing, pharmacy). It is also a useful degree to combine with a B.Ed. program from the College of Education. 

B.Sc. Four Year: allows students to develop a more in-depth program in Biology to suit their interests. This degree is good for students with a range of academic interests and who want to study in other disciplines along-side Biology. This is an excellent option for students who require a four year degree for entrance into professional programs such as medicine or physical therapy. 

B.Sc. Honours: for students who meet the required academic standing and who want more intensive training in Biology, especially if you want to fill your program with more courses in a specific area of Biology. This is a perfect choice for students who want to pursue future graduate training in the form of an M.Sc. or Ph.D. 

B.Sc. Double Honours: for students with equal interests in Biology and another subject area. Combine the Biology Honours program with that from the other discipline. 

Not sure which option to choose? The good news is that our program are extremely flexible and you can move between them relatively easily, especially if you are early in your studies.


A Major in Environmental Biology

A Major in Palaeobiology

This major offers B.Sc. Four Year and B.Sc. Honours programs.


A Minor in Biology

This can be taken with a major in a different subject area or an interdisciplinary program.


  • 6 credit units of 100-level BIOL, plus
  • 12 credit units senior BIOL
  • At least 3 credit units must be at the 300- or 400-level.

Courses listed under the "C6 Major Requirement" of the student's program major cannot be used to meet requirements for the minor. 


A Certificate in Biological Research