Faculty by Research Interests

Janeen Loehr

Ron Borowsky

Motor Processes, Memory & Attention

Cognition & Neuroscience

Medical Imaging (MRI), Astrophysics & Physiological Math Modeling

Body Image, Scale Development, Gender, Sexuality, Gay & Lesbian Psychology

Death, Bereavement & Coping

Cross-Cultural Research, Cross-Cultural Physical & Mental Health, Aboriginal Health

Geriatric Psychopathology & Ageing

Child and Adolescent Development

Immigration, Program Evaluation

Reproduction, Maternal & Fetal Health

Personality, Depression, Defense Mechanisms & Psychotherapy


Qualitative Research

Stereotyping, Prejudice, Discrimination, and Intergroup Relations

Health Psychology, Wellness, Indigenous Health 

Risk, Juvenile Offenders, Forensic Psychology, Adult Forensics

Sports Psychology, Expert Witness, Sleep Disorders