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Welcome to Psychology.  We hope you will join one of the largest and most successful departments on campus.  In our recent Systematic Program Review, we received an A rating for both our Undergraduate and Graduate programs as a sign of their national and international recognition.  Our faculty are leading edge scholars who are dedicated to creativity and innovation in research and teaching.  We believe that you will find your time with us both challenging and rewarding.  We offer both three and four year degrees in both Bachelor or Arts and Bachelor of Science.  We know from experience that our graduates are well received across the province and the country, whether they choose to enter the work force, to pursue professional training in other disciplines, or to proceed to graduate studies in psychology.

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Once again, welcome.  On behalf of all the faculty and staff in the Department we wish you success in pursuit of your academic goals.

Undergraduate Program

The Department of Psychology undergraduate program is a large and popular program within the College of Arts and Science. Over the last ten years the Psychology undergraduate program has accounted for 12.7% of all degrees awarded by the College.


Bachelor of Arts (3 year, 4 year, and Honours)

The department offers three undergraduate programs leading to a B.A. The 3-year program requires a total of 90 credit units with a minimum of 30 credit units in Psychology. The 4-year program requires 120 credit units with a minimum of 36 credit units in Psychology. The honours program requires 120 credit units with 60 credit units in Psychology.


Bachelor of Science (4 year and Honours)

The department also offers two undergraduate programs leading to a B.Sc.  The 4-year program requires 120 credit units with a minimum of 36 credit units in Psychology, while the 4-year honours program requires 120 credit units with 60 being in Psychology.  Please see the information below on the B.Sc. degree if you are interested in more information.

Psychology students interested in graduate training in cognitive science and neuroscience will benefit from a better background in basic science. In fact, some universities’ neuroscience graduate programs expect their incoming students to have a BSc, or more math and science training than our existing BA program. Those students who are interested in pursuing graduate training in these areas are advised to contact the Psychology faculty member doing natural science research that the student is interested in, and to apply to the BSc Honours program.

More details related to the organization of courses in the B.Sc. degree options can be found here:

BSc Psychology programs (4 year and Honours) - download PDF format


We strive to provide students with a liberal arts and science education rather than with skills training. Thus, we aim to acquaint students with the methods, content, and scope of psychology, and not to train practitioners of the discipline and present psychology as a science.  Thus, the curriculum emphasizes the acquisition of knowledge through experimentation and systematic observation. 

We strive to ensure that students receive a well-rounded and informed perspective on the discipline of psychology. In addition, our emphasis on research skills encourages the development of critical thinking and communication skills that will prove useful outside of Psychology.

For more information please our advising handbook and our list of current courses.  If you are interested in gaining research experience or working as a research assistant make sure to check out the research opportunities available in the department.

Welcome to Psychology!