University of Saskatchewan Psychology Clinic (USPC)

The Clinical Psychology Program runs an in-house training centre, called the USPC, in the Department of Psychology and Health Studies where clinical psychology graduate students, under the close supervision of registered doctoral level psychologists, provide psychotherapy and/or assessment services to members of the public while in clinical practicum placements or for applied aspects of therapy and/or assessment classes.


What is Clinical Psychology?

Clinical psychology is a broad field of practice and research within the discipline of psychology, which applies psychological principles to the assessment, prevention, amelioration, and rehabilitation of psychological disorders, disability, dysfunctional behaviour, and health-risk behaviour, and to the enhancement of psychological and physical well-being.  Clinical psychology includes both scientific research, focusing on the search for general principles, and clinical service, focusing on the study and care of patients, and information gathered from each of these activities influences practice and research.  For more information see Clinical Psychology Training Requirements.

Program Summary

The Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology at the University of Saskatchewan was established in 1971 and has graduated 125 PhD clinical psychologists.  The program follows the scientist-practitioner scientist-practioner model and has strengths in forensic psychology, personality psychology, clinical neuropsychology, health psychology, and interpersonal, psychodynamic, and cognitive-behavioural psychotherapy.  There are currently about 40 students in the program progressing toward their Ph.D. (including those on internship).  The clinical psychology program admits about 5-6 students per year from a pool of about 100 applicants.

Students in the clinical psychology program complete four years of coursework.  During their first summer students complete a summer clerkship.  For the remaining three years, students complete six terms of one-day-a-week practicum at various health and mental health settings.  In addition to course work, a clerkship, and practicum students are also engaged in research and complete comprehensive examinations.  Finally, students complete a twelve-month internship at an accredited internship program to complete their training.  There are currently six core clinical faculty in the Department of Psychology and about 30 part-time, adjunct, and professional affiliate faculty. The Department of Psychology also has a very close working relationship with the psychology faculty at St. Thomas More College.  See here for information on the clinical psychology program’s accreditation and related public disclosures.

About Clinical Psychology

Philosophy and Model of Training

The program follows the scientist-practitioner model which has been the predominant model of training in North American clinical psychology since the late 1940s. This model places approximately equal emphasis on development of research skills and clinical skills. In this model, trainees are required to carry out independent research for their doctoral dissertation; to meet requirements for breadth of scholarly knowledge; and to complete about 3,000 hours of supervised clinical experience before graduation (including a full-year, accredited internship).

Programs of Study


The Clinical Psychology Program offers students the opportunity for professional development and the integration of science with practice through coursework, practica, research, and the predoctoral internship. Students also participate in activities such as departmental colloquia, clinical program workshops, case seminars, and complete comprehensive examinations in the area of clinical assessment and treatment, and ethics.

The curriculum balances broad training in research methods and core content areas with opportunities for concentration in areas such as personality, psychopathology, clinical neuropsychology, health psychology, child psychology, and qualitative methods.  In each of these areas, we encourage students to think critically about current research and practice and to contribute to scientific dialogue through publications, conference presentations, and other formats of professional exchange. Most students' research training, and much of their clinical training, is grounded in mentorship experiences tailored to each student's career goals and stage of professional development.  Although we are a generalist program there is opportunity to focus your clinical and research area based on clinical and research supervisor specialization.

Admissions and Applications

Our program is committed to equity and diversity and encourages applications from all qualified studies, including women, people of any sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression, Indigenous Peoples, racialized people, and people with disabilities.

  • B.A.(Hon.) or B.Sc.(Hon.) in Psychology or equivalent combination of courses and experience in research (transcript from University)
  • References - 3 references, ideally from someone who can speak about your interpersonal skills and academic/research skills
  • Statement of research and clinical interests and plans - this should identify a possible supervisor (1 to 3 pages)
  • Up-to-date CV (any format)
  • In-person or videoconferenced interviews for shortlisted candidates
  • Application fee of $120

The main admission route is for students entering Year 1 following completion of the B.A.(Honours) or equivalent.     

Please review the policy on Reserved Admissions for Indigenous Students in the Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology.

Qualified Canadian applicants are given preference over non-Canadian applicants.

Admitted applicants generally have a mean average mark (over the previous 2 years of study) of 83-88%, have completed an honours degree, and are Canadian citizens. Few students with averages under 82% have been admitted, but there is no specific cutoff.   

In the next year or two, provincial legislation may be introduced that will require our program to make admission conditional on passing a police check which would be required for any clinical practicum placement.  This is not yet required.

To be placed in the health region for practicum placements you need to be able to pass a criminal record check. Students who cannot pass this cannot be admitted to the program because they cannot get placements and cannot get registered to practice post-PhD.

Additional Information:

Frequently Asked Questions:

Should I have a potential supervisor identified?

Your statement of research and clinical interests and plans should speak to potential supervisors and labs you would like to work with. Ideally, applicants will have checked to ensure potential supervisors are taking students. If they do not have time to meet with you to discuss your interest – this is typical. Many clinical supervisors from programs across the country, ours included, will interview applicants only after they have applied and made the interview shortlist. Any supervisor in psychology or an allied program on campus can be a research supervisor – your supervisor does not have to be in the clinical program. You will need to research areas of interest and make an argument to the potential supervisor that your research interests align.

How specific should the areas of interest listed in the online application  be?

The statement of research and clinical interest needs to be detailed, well-reasoned, and well-written. Areas of interest listed in the online form are less important but should be consistent with the statement of research and clinical interests (also known as a letter of intent).

Who should I get to write letters of reference?

We ask for 3 letters, and if you have an honours supervisor we pay a lot of attention to their letter. If you have volunteer experience this would be a good letter to get too – ideally one of your letter writers can speak about your interpersonal skills. The third letter should be someone who can speak to your academic and/or research skills.

Are applicants required to apply for tri-agency funding?

Applying for tri-agency funding demonstrates initiative, organization, and forethought and reflects well on a student. However, applying for tri-agency funding is not required. We do ask about it in interviews though!

As someone with a bachelor's degree, should I be applying to the MA or PhD program?

Unless they already have a master’s degree, students should apply at the MA level. Our program is typically a MA to PhD transfer program, but we do have people who have a MA outside of clinical psychology apply to the PhD program.

Is an honors degree required?

Honours degree or equivalent is required, but almost all of the admitted students have an honours degree. If you have an equivalent degree, please detail how you feel what you have is equivalent to an honours degree.

Is a psychology degree required?

A psychology degree or equivalent in a related discipline is required. More importantly, students must have completed numerous senior psychology courses which are considered Foundational Knowledge to the profession of psychology and are typically met at the undergraduate level. Those with a degree in psychology typically have most of these Foundational Knowledge (using ACPRO language) or General Psychology Core Content Courses (using CPA language) addressed. More information on the foundational knowledge is in the ACPRO Position Statement and CPA accreditation resources.

The basic knowledge for the discipline that is typically met at the undergraduate level includes 1) biological bases of behaviour & psychopharmacology; 2) cognitive and affective bases of behaviour; 3) social and cultural bases of behavior; 4) individual differences, diversity, growth, and lifespan development; and 5) the history of psychology.

It is common for clinical psychology students to have to take 1 or 2 of these core content courses after entering the clinical program, but we will not admit students whose undergraduate training does not address most of the core content areas of psychology.

Is the GRE required for clinical?


Are students funded?

Yes, all students are funded in their pre-residency years through a variety of means; we figure this out after admissions shortlists are complete.

How should I answer this question on the online form: Is your ability to attend a graduate program with us dependent upon receiving funding from USask?

Students should indicate 'yes' - the clinical program funds all accepted students as needed (if they do not have other funding, such as tri-agency grants), so this factor is not used to evaluate applicants for admission.

When will I hear back about if I have been accepted?

We follow CPA guidelines and ensure our first-round offers go out by 1 April. We typically provide these before this deadline. All CPA-Accredited clinical programs have an agreement that first-round offer spots are held until mid-April to give students who have multiple offers some method for managing these offers.

Due to barriers to qualifying for clinical pre-doctoral residency placements within Canada, the Department of Psychology and Health Studies does not recommend our clinical graduate program to international students.  Completion of a pre-doctoral residency is a requirement of the program.  Inability to qualify for these placements will impact a student’s ability to complete the program.

Faculty and Research Interests

We have 10 faculty members working in the area of Clinical Psychology (8 affiliated with USask and 2 affiliated with St. Thomas More College) that cover a wide range of topics.  Our faculty actively collaborates with other faculty in the Department and with faculty from St. Thomas Moore College.  In addition, we have several adjunct professors and professional affiliates who provide clinical or research training and supervision to our students.  Any supervisor in psychology or an allied program on campus can be a research supervisor - your supervisor does not have to be in the clinical psychology program. The program offers Ph.D. degrees in clinical psychology and currently has about 40 students completing their coursework or internship.  Unless specified, all faculty will be looking at potential applicants. Thank you for your interest in our programs and welcome to the Clinical Psychology Program.

Clinical Psychology Program

Co-Directors of Clinical Psychology Training

Clinical Faculty

Professor Emeriti

  • Linda McMullen
  • Brian Chartier
  • John Conway
  • Margaret Crossley
  • Carl von Baeyer

Adjunct Professors

  • Dr. Richard Katz, First Nations University of Canada
  • Dr. Terry Nicholaichuk, Private Practice
  • Dr. Steve Wong, no affiliation
  • Dr. Lynn Corbett, Private Practice
  • Dr. Trevor Olson, Oracle Mental Health Care

Professional Affiliates

  • Dr. Bryan Acton, Clinical Health Psychology, Royal University Hospital, SHA
  • Dr. Ruthanne Bell, Child Service Team, SHA
  • Dr. Gerald Block,
  • Dr. Stryker Calvez, City of Saskatoon
  • Dr. Richard Coupland, Homewood Health
  • Dr. Sarah Hillis, Dr. Sarah Hillis Psychological Services
  • Dr. Neil Hogan, Integrated Risk and Threat Assessment Centre, Alberta Ministry of Justice and Solicitor General
  • Mr. Ross Keele, Ministry of Justice, Corrections and Policing
  • Dr. Julie Kosteniuk, Canadian Centre for Health and Safety in Agriculture, Department of Medicine, University of Saskatchewan
  • Dr. Tyson Kurtenbach, 
  • Dr. Marc Sheckter, Kinetik Rehabilitation Services, SHA
  • Dr. Lara Spagrud, Alvin Buckwold Child Development Program, SHA
  • Dr. Fern Stockdale, Operational Stress Injury Clinic, SHA
  • Dr. Myrna Willick, School-Based Pediatric Clinic & Meitheal Interprofessional Team
  • Dr. Marilee Zaharia, Rural Consultation Service, SHA

Our Students


  • Sherrie Bellegarde
  • Danielle Bou Rjeily
  • Alexandra Brilz
  • Abbi Cross
  • Patrick Fahim
  • Emily Gulka
  • Camrie Kerry
  • Lisa Poon
  • Jordan Wellsch
  • Taylor Zieper
  • ShaeLynne Zyznomirski


  • Denae Easton
  • Courtney Cameron
  • Dorothy Chacinski
  • Desiree Elchuk
  • Arianna Gibson
  • Keesha Kavia
  • Brittany Marche-Shears


  • Madison Fairholm
  • Sasheen Horse
  • Jyllenna Landry
  • Cayley Mackie
  • Kelsey Mooney
  • Sophia Wang


  • Nicole Anderson
  • Alisia Palermo
  • Jessica Prince
  • Emily Riemer
  • Denis Vailancourt


  • Kendall Deleurme
  • Lindsey Trepanier
  • Amanda Sinclair
  • Meghan Flath
  • Jordan Termeer


  • Karl Grewal
  • Ivy Myge
  • Sydney Rine
  • Kayla Wall


  • Dyana Castillo
  • Randa Elgandy
  • August Kortzman
  • Krystyn Margeotes


  • Jacob Ursenbach


  • Kelsey Morrison


  • Benjamin Gould


  • Willcott-Benoit, Whitney (CL PhD) "It Has Informed My Entire Life":Event Centrality, Vicarious Traumatization, and Vicarious Post-Traumatic Growth in Loved Ones Indirectly Exposed to Interpersonal Trauma (Suprvisor: Dr. Jorden Cummings) Spring 2024
  • Zagrodney, Jessica (CL PhD) Mother and Father Blaming in Child Sexual Abuse Cases (Supervisor: Dr. Jorden Cummings) Spring 2024 


  • Augustyn, Carissa (CL PhD) An Examination of Psychopathy, Self-Reported Treatment Change, And recidivism in a Sample of Federally Incarcarated Men Who Have Sexually Offended (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Spring 2022
  • Callan, Nicole (CL PhD) Dangerous Offenders:  An Anaylysis of Judical Sentencing Decisions (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver; Dr. Steve Wormith) Spring 2022
  • Strauss, Cailey (CL PhD) Face to Face: A Reflexive Thematic Analysis of Victim-Offender Mediation (Supervisor: Dr. Jorden Cummings) Fall 2022
  • Wielinga, Farron (CL PhD) Use of Dynamic Risk Instruments to Assess Sexual Violence in a Community-Supervised Sample OE Men With Sexual Violence Convictions (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Fall 2022
  • Scerbe, Andrea (CL PhD) Digital Tools For Delivery of Dementia Education: Increasing Rural Accessibility for Dementia Care (Supervisor: Dr. Megan O'Connell) Fall 2022
  • Quinlan, Darryl (CL PhD) Is Training In Martial Arts Beneficial To One's Health? The Devil Is In the Detail (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Fall 2022


  • Campoli, Jessica (CL PhD) Becoming a Values-Driven Self-Care User (Supervisor: Dr. Jorden Cummings) Spring 2021
  • Cheng, Jeremy (CL PhD) Evaluating Tribunal Decisions to Release or Detain Those Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorder (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Fall 2021
  • Coveney, Ashley (CL PhD) Evaluating a New Measure of Adult Attachment:  The Tripartite Attachment Battery (Supervisor:  Dr. Lachlan McWilliams) Fall 2021
  • Makela, Kimberley (CL PhD) Exploring Women's Experience of Self and Body in Chronic Weight-Loss Dieting (Supervisor: Dr. Gerry Farthing) Spring 2021
  • Toews, Kelsi (CL PhD) The Processes of Help-Seeking and Counsellor Development in the Context of Men Who Experience Initmate Partner Abuse (Supvisor:  Dr. Jorden Cummings) Fall 2021


  • Lovatt, Kristine (CL PhD) An Examination of Risk, Need, and Protective Factors Among Saskatchewan Young Offenders:  Implications For Risk Management and Community Reintegration (Supervisors:  Dr. Mark Olver; Dr. Keira Stockdale)  Fall 2020
  • McPhail, Ian (CL PhD) Conceptual and Empirical Issues in Pedohebephilic Interest (Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Olver) Fall 2020
  • Potter, Gillian (CL PhD) Examining the Influence of Mindfulness in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Supervisor: Dr. Paulette Hunter) Fall 2020
  • Wirove, Robi (CL PhD) Being Found Not Criminally Responsible on Account of Mental Disorer in Alberta:  Population Gender Differences, and Violence Prediction with the VRAG-R (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver; Dr. Steve Wormith) Fall 2020
  • Pierce, Adam (CL PhD) The Social Sharing of Hallucination (Supervisor: Dr. Linda McMullen) Spring 2020


  • Heidt, Constance (CL PhD) Understanding Differences in Pain-Related Support:  Comparing Attachment Theory and the Communal Coping Model of Pain Catastrophizing (Supervisor:  Dr. Lachlan McWilliams) Spring 2019
  • Saint, Daniel Sebastian (CL PhD) Examing the Effects of a Daily Writing Intervention Perceived Social Support and Depressive Symptons (Supervisor:  Dr. Jorden Cummings) Spring 2019
  • Branger, Camille (CL PhD) Understanding Positive Aspects of the Caregiver Experience in Dementia:  A Meta-Integration and Qualitative Investigation (Supervisor:  Dr. Megan O'Connell)  Fall 2019
  • Friedrich, Trista (CL PhD) A Multimethod Examination of Pseudoneglect and Aging (Supervisors:  Dr. Lorin Elias; Dr. Paulette Hunter) Fall 2019
  • Schafers, Chantal (CL PhD) Risk, Responsivity, and the Treatment Process in an Intimate Partner Violence Group Program (Supervisor: Dr. Steve Wormith)  Fall 2019
  • Sigurdson, Kristjan (CL PhD) Explaining Depression:  A Discourse Analysis of Family Physicians' and Neuroscientists' Accounts of Explanatory Models and the Chemical Imbalance Hypothesis of Depression (Supervisor: Dr. Linda McMullen)  Fall 2019


  • Cornelius, Larisa (CL PhD) Influences of Empathy in Choldren:  Contextual Creation of Media and Parental Messages (Supervisor:  Dr. Gerald Farthing)  Spring 2018
  • Mossiere, Annik (CL PhD) Offender Memories of Their Crimes:  Exploring the Factors Involved in the Experience of Intrusive Memories (Supervisor: Dr. Tammy Marche) Fall 2018
  • Agar, Ava (CL PhD) Mandatory Motherhood and Compulsory Careers:  An Application of Theory of Planned Behaviour to Young Women's Mothering and Career Intentions (Supervisor: Dr. Karen Lawson) Fall 2018
  • Carruthers, Chassidy (CL PhD) Capturing Diversity of Experience within Emerging Adulthood:  A Context Comparison of Undergraduate Students, Graduate Students, and Non-University Emerging Adults (Supervisor: Dr. Patricia McDougall) Fall 2018
  • Conan, Michelle (CL PhD) Nonverbal Communication in Relation to Women's Experiences of Self and Body:  A Mixed Methods Examination (Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Farthing) Fall 2018
  • Dadgostari, Tina (CL PhD) Constructing Meaning Through Photo-Production:  Death and Loss in Post-Secondary Students (Supervisor: Dr. Brian Chartier) Fall 2018


  • Andersen, Devon (CL PhD) Thoughts of Fire:  The Use of Metaphors in Epilepsy Narratives (Supervisor:  Dr. Ulrich Teucher) Fall 2017
  • Burton, Rachel (CL PhD) Cognitive Rehabilitation and Telehealth Videoconferencing:  Developing an Accessible an Intervention for Subjective Cognitive Impairment, Mild Cognitive Impairment and Dementia (Supervisor: Dr. Megan O'Connell) Fall 2017
  • Corabian, Gabriela (CL PhD) Working Towards Desistance:  Canadian Public's Attitudes Towards Sex Offenders, Sex Offender Treatment, and Policy (Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Olver) Fall 2017
  • Cordwell, Terri (CL PhD) Biopsychosocial Influences on Children's Event Recall Rerspective for Emotional Events (Supervisor: Dr. Tammy Marche)  Fall 2017
  • Scallion, Laura (CL PhD) Examining Relations Between Stress Generation and Infernential Style at Micro and Macro Levels (Supervisor:  Dr. Jorden Cummings)  Fall 2017


  • Enright, Joseph (CL PhD) Identity and Caregiver Burden in Dementia: An Evaluation of Telehealth Reminiscience for Informal Caregivers (Supervisor: Dr. Megan O'Connell)  Fall 2016
  • Hogan, Neil (CL PhD) Assessing Risk for Inpatient Violence on High-Security Forensic Psychiatric Units (Supervisor:  Dr. Mark Olver)  Fall 2016
  • Jones, Christina (CL PhD) Examining the Relationships between Forensic Practice Knowledge, Correctional Orientation and Engagement in Core Correctional Practices Among Corrections Officers (Supervisor:  Dr. Steve Wormith)  Fall 2016
  • Kurtenbach, Tyson (CL PhD) Current Issues Related to the Assessment of Secual Deviance in Special Sec Offender Populations (Supervisor: Dr. Steve Wormith) Fall 2016
  • Roberts, Lesley (CL PhD) An Investigation into the Role of Emotions, Physiological Sexual Arousal, and Ego-Defensiveness in Men's Homonegativity (Supervisor: Dr. Melanie Morrison)  Fall 2016
  • Truswell, Kayla (CL PhD) An Examination of the Dyadic Relationship of Offender Community Supervisor (Supervisor: Dr. Steve Wormith) Spring 2016
  • Valiakalayil, Agitha (CL PhD) Stress and Depression Discourses on Self-Help Websites: What is Their Relation in the Online Context? (Supervisors: Dr. Linda McMullen and Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk) Spring 2016
  • Quinlan, Darryl (CL MA) Is Humor Good for your Health? Examining the Associations of Hostility and Humor Styles to Resting Blood Pressure. (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Spring 2016


  • Coupland, Richard (CL PhD) An Examination of Dynamic Risk, Protective Factors, and Treatment-Related Change in Violent Offenders. (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Spring 2015
  • Sewall, Lindsay (CL PhD)  The Treatment of Psychopathic Sexual Offenders:  Exploring the Influence of Risk, Change, Subtype, and adaptation on Recidivism (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Fall 2015
  • Sommerlund, Merete (CL PhD). Discourse Analysis of Constructions of Couples Therapy. (Supervisor: Dr. Linda McMullen) Fall 2015


  • Burnett, Matthew (CL PhD)  Psychopathy: Exploring Canadian Mass Newspapers Presentations Thereof and Violent Offender Talk Thereon (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver)  Spring 2014
  • Letourneau, Jeff (CL PhD)  Patient and Physician Accounts of Antidepressant Requests in Primary Care (Supervisor: Dr. Linda McMullen) Spring 2014
  • Harker, Katelyn (CL PhD) Understanding Criminal Behaviour in Fetal Alcohol Disorders:  Neurocognitive Deficits and Social Factors (Supervisor:  Dr. Steve Wormith) Fall 2014
  • Sharp, Maegan (CL PhD)  Non-suicidal self-injury: The associations among emotional, parental, and peer influences (Supervisor: Dr. Lisa Kalynchuk)  Spring 2014
  • Sowden, Justina (CL PhD)  Examining the Relationship of Risk, Treatment readiness, and Therapeutic Change to Recidivism in a Sample of Treated Sex Offenders (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Spring 2014


  • DeSorcy, Danielle (CL PhD) Working Alliance and its Relationship with Treatment Outcome, Aboriginal Ancestry, and Psychopathy in a Sample of Federal Sex Offenders (Supervisor: Drs. Mark Olver and Stephen Wormith) Spring 2013
  • Haugrud, Nicole (CL PhD) Describing Cognitive Change in Normal Aging and Early-Stage Dementia Using Measures of Verbal Fluency (Supervisors: Dr. Margaret Crossley, Dr. Mirna Vrbancic)  Fall 2013
  • Rojas, Erika (CL PhD) Violence Risk Assessment with Youth who have Sexually Offended: A Psychometric Examination of the Violence Risk Scale: Youth Version (VRS: YSO) (Supervisor: Dr. Mark Olver) Spring 2013
  • Robertson, Lindsay (CL PhD) The Experience of Parental Conflict in Parallel Parenting Custody Assessments. (Supervisor: Dr. Gerald Farthing) Spring 2013
  • Alexander, Elizabeth (CL MA) Constructions of Motherhood and Fatherhood in Newspaper Articles on Maternal and Paternal Postpartum Depression (Supervisor: Dr. Linda McMullen) Fall 2013


  • Calverley, Kristin (CL PhD) Urban Aboriginal Peoples' Health Beliefs and Adherence to Treatment of Hypertension (Supervisor:  Dr. Linda McMullen)  Fall 2012
  • Poock, Jocelyn (CL PhD) The Effect of Simple and Complex Dual-Tasks on Ambulation in Individuals with Alzheimer's Disease and Healthy Okder Adults:  The Role of Divided Attention and Other Higher Brain Functions in Gait Dual-Task Performance  (Supervisor:  Dr. Margaret Crossley)  Fall 2012
  • Stewart, Catherine (CL PhD) Risk Assessment of Federal Female Offenders  (Supervisor:  Dr. Steve Wormith)  Spring 2012
  • Zaluski, Selina (CL PhD) Emerging Adulthood:  A Mixed Method Comparative Analysis Across Vocational Settings  (Supervisor:  Dr. Gerald Farthing)  Spring 2012


  • Barlow, Ashley (CL PhD)  News Media Construction of Intimate Partner Homicide  (Supervisor:  Dr. Steve Wormith)  Fall 2011
  • Boehm, Rebecca (CL PhD)  Attitudes Toward Professional Women with Children:  The Development and Validation of the Career Mothers Inventory (CMI)  (Supervisor:  Dr. Melanie Morrison)  Fall 2011
  • Gokavi, Tara (CL PhD)  The Transition to Post-Secondary for Canadian Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Student:  A Focus on Adjustment, Fit and Anticipated Persistence  (Supervisor:  Dr. Patricia McDougall)  Spring 2011
  • Lanting, Shawnda (CL PhD)  Developing an Assessment Protocol to Detect Cognitive Impairment and Dementia in Cree Aboriginal Seniors and to Investigate Cultural Differences in Cognitive Aging  (Supervisor:  Dr. Margaret Crossley)  Spring 2011
  • Pan, Kate (CL PhD)  The Lying Game:  How Often and to Whom do Individuals with Psychopathic Tendencies Lie?  (Supervisor:  Dr. Steven Wormith)  Fall 2011
  • Trainor, William (Joe) (CL PhD)  Development and Inhibition of Physical Aggression in Early Childhood:  Measurement and Associations  (Supervisor:  Dr. Patricia McDougall)  Fall 2011


  • Lejbak, Lisa Kristin (CL PhD) Sex, estrogen, and working memory:  The effects of sex-related differences and estrogen suppression on neuropsychological test performances (Supervisor:  Dr. Margaret Crossley)  Spring 2010.
  • Sheppard, Michael David  (CL PhD) On within-defense variability and defenses in male federal offenders (Supervisor:  Dr. Stephen Wormith)  Spring 2010.
  • Tolstikova, Ekaterina Sergeevna (CL PhD) Emotional functioning and meaning making in grief(Supervisor: Dr. Brian Chartier) Spring 2010.
  • Turner, Tara (CL PhD) The red road meets the information superhighway : using telehealth technology for psychological services in a northern Aboriginal community Fall 2010
  • Waskowic, Tracey (CL PhD) Attachment and grief : developing the Ongoing Relationship Scale and the Grief Attachment Model Fall 2010


  • Corney, Patrick James (CL PhD) Attention in normal aging and alzheimer disease: Theoretical and clinical implications (Supervisor:  Dr. Margaret Crossley) Spring 2009.
  • Holmqvist, Maxine Elisabeth (CL PhD) The influence of state and trait energy on self-regulatory behaviour (Supervisor:  Dr. Peter Hall) Spring 2009.
  • Presniak, Michelle Dawn (CL PhD) Can defense mechanisms aid in our differentiation of borderline and antisocial personality disorders? (Supervisor:  Dr. Michael Wm. Macgregor) Fall 2009.
  • Visram, Faizah  (CL PhD)  Development of conceptual and process models of growing pains: A mixed-method research design (Supervisor:  Dr. Carl von Baeyer)  Fall 2009.


  • Daniels, Therese Anne (CL PhD) Boundary Violations in Forensic Inpatient Facilities: Survey Tool Development and Survey Results (Supervisor:  Dr. Steven Wong) Fall 2008.
  • Hatton, Leah Jean (CL PhD) Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Infancy and Early Childhood(Supervisors:  Drs. Patricia McDougall and Margaret McKim) Fall 2008.
  • Lahti, Dawn Kristen (CL PhD) The Face in the Croud and Anxiety and Cognition (Supervisor:  Dr. Deb Saucier) Spring 2008.
  • Langford, Melanie Marie (CL PhD) The Efficacy of a Combined Cognitive-Behavioural and Interpersonal Therapy Approach to the Treatment of Fibromyalgia Syndrome: a Randomized Controlled Trial (Supervisor:  Dr. Michael MacGregor) Fall 2008.
  • Mazur, Jennifer Leah (CL PhD) Exploring the Mechanisms of Sex and Grad Differences in Relational/Indirect/SocialAggression (Supervisors:  Drs Patricia McDougall and Gerald Farthing) Fall 2008.
  • Nicoll, Mark John (CL PhD) Structured Leisure and Adolescent Adjustment (Supervisors: Drs. Patricia McDougall and Gerald Farthing) Spring 2008.
  • Olson, Trevor Randell (CL PhD) Can Defense Mechanisms Aid in the Differentiation of Depression and Anxiety (Supervisor:  Dr. Michael Wm. MacGregor) Fall 2008.
  • Rhyno, Shelley Renee (CL PhD) In the Mood to Forget:  Paradagmatic and Individual Differences in Remembering and Forgetting Negative Self-Relevant Memories (Supervisor:  Dr. Tammy Marche) Fall 2008.
  • Schactman, Alissa Jennifer (CL PhD) Emotion Regulation and Behaviour Problems in Young Children Exposed to Domestic Violence (Supervisor:  Dr. Patricia McDougall) Fall 2008
  • Spagrud, Lara Jennifer (CL PhD) Investigating the relationship between Children's Self-Reported Coping Behaviour and Repeated Immunization Pain (Supervisor:  Dr. Carl von Baeyer) Fall 2008.
  • Stockdale, Keira Corinne (CL PhD) The Validity and Reliability of the Violence Risk Scale-Youth Version (VRS-YV) (Supervisor:  Dr. Steve Wong) Fall 2008.
  • Veprinska, Marina (CL MA) Family Structural and Process Variables in Emerging Adults' Romantic Relationship Quality (Supervisor:  Dr. Gerald Farthing) Fall 2008.


  • Gilleta, Karen Susanne (CL PhD) Sex, Handedness, and Spatial Ability Affect Laterality for Mental Rotation (Supervisors:P  Drs. Deb Saucier and Lorin Elias) Spring 2007.
  • Hook, Tarah Lynn (CL PhD) The Role of Self-Concept and Narcissism in Aggression (Supervisor:  Dr. Steve Wormith) Fall 2007.
  • Mallillin, Abigail (CL PhD) The Criminal Career Profile: A Measure of Criminal Careers (Supervisor: Dr. Steve Wong) Spring 2007. 
  • Moorthy, Thamarai (CL PhD) Predicting Alzheimer Disease Using Premorbid Neuropsychological Performance (Supervisor: Dr. Margaret Crossley) Spring 2007.
  • Peterson, Cherie  (CL PhD)  Body image in men:  Drive for muscularity and social influences, body image evaluation and investment, and psychologyical well-being  (Supervisor:  Dr. Michael Wm. MacGregor)  Spring 2007.
  • Sherry, Simon (CL PhD) The Perfectionism Model of Binge Eating: Idiographic and Nomothetic Tests of an Integrative Model (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Hall) Fall 2007 


  • Costigan, Shannon Marie  (Cl PhD) Post relationship stalking & harassment: the "Reasonable Person" standard of fear  (Supervisor: Dr. Stephen Wormith)  Spring 2006
  • Litke, Karen  (CL PhD)  Care Receiving:  The Relationship Between Attachment and Reactions to Being Helped, Relationship Functioning, and Perceived Quality of Life in a Sample of Individuals with Multiple Sclerosis  (Supervisor:  Dr. Margaret Crossley)  Spring 2006 
  • Willick, Myrna (Cl PhD) "The Grief Never Goes Away": A Study of Meaning Reconstruction and Long-Term Grief in Parents' Narratives of Perinatal Loss (Supervisor: Dr. Linda McMullen) Spring 2006.


  • Bonli, Rupal (Cl, PhD) An Investigation Into the Early Development of Executive Functions and Theory of Mind in Autism and in Typical Development (Supervisor: Dr. Deb Hay) Spring 2005
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  • Patterson, Lorraine (Cl, PhD) Negotiating Spaces, Re-membering Selves: Black Women Speak About Their Lived Experience of Academia (Supervisor: John Conway) Spring 2005.
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  • Waddington - see Lamont-Waddington


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