Psychology Clinic

Who We Are

The Psychology Services Centre (PSC) was established in 1979 and renamed the University of Saskatchewan Psychology Clinic in 2015. The Psychology Clinic is an in-house training centre in the Department of Psychology where clinical psychology graduate students provide psychotherapy and/or assessment services to members of the public, either in clinical practica placements or for applied aspects of therapy and/or assessment classes. All trainees in the clinic are closely supervised by registered doctoral level psychologists.

The priorities of the Psychology Clinic are to: provide psychological services to the community at large; facilitate the clinical training and professional development needs of graduate students in clinical psychology; and to support the applied research interests of students and faculty. Over the years, the Psychology Clinic has supported clinical practicum needs, graduate class requirements, and research projects of many students and faculty in the Department of Psychology.

At the Psychology Clinic, we strive to work collaboratively with people to privilege their voice in determining what is most useful to them in the services they seek out with us. By using a brief clinical tool called PCOMS (Partners for Change Outcome Management Systems), we work with clients to ensure that the therapeutic services they are receiving are addressing their identified areas of concern and are a good fit for them. Tracking the effectiveness of our therapy services with PCOMS allows us to deliver evidence based practices regardless of the type of therapy offered, while still tailoring the services to the particular needs of the client (Duncan, 2014).  Providing client-directed, outcome informed services are priorities at the clinic. 

At this time, we are able to accept a limited number of referrals for individual and couples therapy during the school year (September – June).  Group therapy is also offered depending on client needs, graduate student interests, and clinic capacity. Referrals are accepted based on the assessed fit between client needs and clinic services, as well as in relation to program capacity.   Decisions regarding referrals are made by the Director of the Psychology Clinic. Self-referrals and referrals from other professionals are accepted. Referral forms and information sheets outlining how decisions about referrals are made for both types of referrals can be can be found here.

Who We Serve

Currently, we see adults struggling with a variety of life difficulties, including depression, anxiety, effects of interpersonal abuse, relationship concerns, eating and body image related difficulties, grief and loss, work-life balance, life transitions and identity questions.   We embrace diversity along all dimensions, including race, culture, religion, socio-economic status, able-bodiedness, sexuality, gender identity, and types of families. We are LGBTQ friendly.  As the Psychology Clinic grows, we plan to offer therapeutic services to children and families as well.

Due to the generally shorter-term nature of therapeutic services offered and the training purposes of the Clinic, we are not able to accept referrals with the following complications:

  • High suicidality
  • High levels of crisis (with a need for emergent interventions)
  • Moderate to high substance abuse difficulties without an involved addictions counsellor
  • Involvement in litigation
  • Psychosis

Fees for Psychotherapy Services

Fees for psychotherapy services are $20/session, due at each session.  Cash or cheque payment options are available at this time.  Receipts are issued for payments made.  Fees received are put toward costs associated with running the clinic. We do not want cost to be a deterrent for people who may benefit from our services. If someone is encountering difficulties with the payment structure, we will work with them to create a more manageable payment arrangement.  Fees for current University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Polytechnic students are waived.

Psychology Clinic Director

Effective August 1, 2015, the clinical psychology program has a full-time Psychology Clinic Director who will assume many of the clinic’s administrative and training functions. The Clinic Director is a member of the CEC and has the following responsibilities:

  • Developing a training center in which graduate students provide clinical services to the community at large
  • Ensuring all therapeutic services offered are client-directed and outcome-informed
  • Working with trainees to create a safe training climate in which professional identity development is centered
  • Building and sustaining working relationships with community referrals sources
  • Assessing and addressing the gaps in service provision in the community
  • Developing a client base, managing referral streams, and monitoring program capacity in relation to referrals
  • Supervising clinical psychology student practica through the clinic
  • Overseeing all practica offered through the Psychology Clinic
  • Delivering clinical services to the campus and broader Saskatoon community
  • Ensuring trainees are aware of and are implementing all professional and ethical guidelines and      relevant legislation
  • Managing graduate teaching fellowship responsibilities for students assigned to the Psychology Clinic
  • Managing and training clinic support staff
  • Overseeing the test library and Psychology Clinic recording and computer equipment
  • Serving as a member of the clinical psychology executive committee (CEC)
  • Updating the CEC on clinic issues and professional activities
  • Graduate classroom teaching
  • Generating long-term planning for growth and sustainability of the Psychology Clinic
  • Holding regular monthly meetings with the Psychology Clinic Committee (PCC) to review and discuss clinic operational and professional issues

Psychology Clinic Committee

The Psychology Clinic has a committee (PCC) comprised of Clinical Psychology Program Executive Council (CEC) faculty members, one of whom is the Psychology Clinic Director and chair of the committee. The PCC meets monthly and provides oversight, coordination and consultation of all Psychology Clinic activities including student training, room bookings, test ordering, equipment ordering and repair, and day-to-day operations.

Psychology Clinic Space

The Psychology Clinic space consists of a waiting room, an office containing the test library, and three therapy/assessment rooms. Clinic rooms are equipped with one-way windows and video equipment for training in relation to therapeutic and assessment services offered. In addition, the Psychology Clinic has digital audio recorders that can be used for clinical services and research conducted in the clinic.

Test Library Policies

The Psychology Department maintains an extensive library of psychological assessment materials that is housed in the Psychology Clinic. The primary functions of the test library are to support teaching at the graduate and undergraduate levels, to facilitate assessment and treatment services offered to the community through the Psychology Clinic, and to support student and faculty research.

             A) Eligible Borrowers of Assessment Materials:

Borrowers are restricted to graduate students of the Department of Psychology, and clinical psychology faculty. Adjunct, associate, and professional affiliate faculty may borrow materials for use in teaching and research connected with the Psychology Department. Undergraduate students who wish to use the test library as a resource for work on their honours theses must provide a letter from their faculty supervisor outlining the need for use of test materials, in which the faculty member states that she or he assumes responsibility for the materials.

Consistent with Canadian Psychological Association (CPA) guidelines, the Psychology Clinic maintains a confidential file of biographical and test qualification forms to aid in determining borrowers' eligibility to sign out restricted test materials. All borrowers, including graduate students and faculty, must have a completed an up-to-date biographical and test qualification form, which when approved by the PCC, allows them to sign out assessment materials. Forms can be obtained from the Psychology Clinic Director or graduate students completing Graduate Teaching Fellowships in the Psychology Clinic.

All other requests to use the test library must be approved by the PCC. In keeping with test publishers' restrictions, only requests from Registered Psychologists will be considered, in most cases.  It is assumed that off-campus practicum sites will supply consumables and test kits for student use. However, when required, assessment materials can be signed out by graduate students completing off-site practicums for limited periods, and when this work is being supervised by a Registered Psychologist.

             B) Assessment Materials:

Borrowers of assessment materials are totally responsible for the safekeeping, security, and well-being of all materials signed out. Any loss of or damage to test materials should be reported to the Psychology Clinic Director. Borrowers will responsible for any replacement costs.

All assessment materials may only be signed out for brief periods of time to be arranged at the time of sign-out, normally not more than a few days. The sign-out period may vary somewhat depending on the demand for the specific assessment tool and the number of copies in the test library. Although not currently required, the test library reserves the right to require a $10.00 deposit on borrowed materials and to charge late fees when applicable.  Late fees may be charged at the rate of $3.00 per day and are processed through the department's accounts. Permission to sign out additional materials may not be granted if the borrower has overdue materials or if there are other outstanding bills.

Consumables, such as test blanks, will be provided to students in classes requiring their use. All other borrowers will be charged replacement costs plus an administrative fee. The costs of the consumables will be added to the borrowers photocopying account. The Psychology Clinic Director will be responsible for notifying the Head Secretary when charges are to be added to a borrower's account.

Requests to purchase new testing materials should be forwarded to the Psychology Clinic Director. An inventory of library materials is maintained on the index page of the clinical program website, which can be accessed through the University of Saskatchewan website.

             C) Test Library Office Hours:

Each academic term a schedule of test library office hours, which is when assessment materials can be signed out of the test library, will be circulated.  If these office hours conflict with your schedule, you may contact one of the TAs working in the Psychology Clinic to make an appointment.  Assessment materials will only be signed out to the person making the request for the materials.

Test Library contents

Psychology Clinic Room Booking Policies

Graduate student or faculty room bookings for clinical practica, graduate class requirements, or research purposes must be done ahead of time. Room booking requests may be made by sending an email to  Please include your requested date, time and room number in your email.  You will receive a reply confirming your booking. Some courses require specific rooms on a particular weekday for the entire term. Such requirements must be booked in advance of the term. Graduate students completing Graduate Teaching Fellowships in the Psychology Clinic are there to assist with any questions regarding room bookings, equipment usage, and use of the test library.

In keeping with the mandate and priorities of the Psychology Clinic and in support of the University’s core values, the Psychology Clinic space and recording equipment is available to book for clinical service provision, training and class instructional needs, and research purposes.

Psychology Clinic space can be booked on the basis of the following priority groups:

  1. Faculty and students in the Graduate Program in Clinical Psychology
  2. Faculty and students in other programs in the Department of Psychology
  3. Professional affiliates of the Department of Psychology
  4. Other registered psychologists associated with the Department of Psychology as approved by the PCC

Professional affiliates and other registered psychologists associated with the Department of Psychology are requested to provide a signed letter to the Psychology Clinic Director indicating the proposed use of the space. Space in the Psychology Clinic may be reassigned up to one month before the reserved time according to the priorities above. In these rare circumstances, we have historically been able to provide workable alternate arrangements.

Fees for room bookings

There is no charge for use of space in the Psychology Clinic within programs of the Department of Psychology.

An usage fee of $15 per hour per room shall be charged to professional affiliates and other registered psychologists associated with the Department of Psychology. Usage fees will be forfeited if the room reservation is not cancelled 24 hours prior to the booking.