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Valery Chirkov

Valery Chirkov

BA [Honors] Yaroslavl State University, Russia; Ph.D., Industrial Psychology, St.Petersburg State University, Russia; Ph.D, Social Psychology, University of Rochester, Roshester, NY


Office: Arts 66
Phone: 966-6529


Sample Publications:


            Chirkov, V. I. (In press). Fundamentals of research on culture and psychology: Theory and methods. New York: Routledge.

                Chirkov, V. I., Ryan, R. M., & Sheldon, K. M. (Eds.). (2010). Human autonomy in cross-cultural contexts: Perspectives on the psychology of agency, freedom, and well-being. Springer.

             Lebedeva, N.M., Chirkov, V. I., Tatarko, A. N. (2007). Culture and Health Attitudes: Russia, Canada, and China. Moscow. Russian Friendship University. 314 p. (in Russian).

Book Chapters:

            Chirkov, V., & Lebedeva, N. (2015). Culture of horizontality and personal autonomy: A humanistic approach to culture change In L. E. Harrison & E. Yasin (Eds.), Culture Matters in Russia - and Everywhere. (pp. 325 -342). Lanham, MD: Lexington Books.


            Chirkov, V. I. (2014). The universality of psychological autonomy across cultures: Arguments from developmental and social psychology. In N. Weinstein (Ed.), Human motivation and interpersonal relationships: Theory, research, and applications. (pp. 27-52). Dordrecht, NL: Springer.

            Chirkov, V. I. (2012). The motivational nature of good living: Human autonomy and why it is good for people and societies. In D. Leontiev (Ed.), Motivation, consciousness, and self-regulation (pp. 105-126). New York: Nova Science Publishers

            Chirkov, V. I., Sheldon, K. M., & Ryan, R. M. (2010). The struggle for happiness and autonomy in cultural and personal contexts: An overview. In V. I. Chirkov, R. M. Ryan & K. M. Sheldon (Eds.), Human autonomy in cultural contexts: Perspectives on the psychology of agency, freedom, and well-being (pp.1-30). Dordrecht, NL: Springer.

               Chirkov, V. I. (2010). Dialectical relationships among human autonomy, the brain, and culture. In V. I. Chirkov, R. M. Ryan & K. M. Sheldon (Eds.), Human autonomy in cross-cultural contexts: Perspectives on the psychology of agency, freedom, and well-being (pp.65-92). Springer.

           Chirkov, V. I., & Ryan, R. M. (2011). A motivational basis of eudaimonic living and well-being across nations. In M. Salama & A. D. Fave (Eds.), Positive psychology for all (pp.67-80). Cairo, Egypt. (in Arabic)

            Chirkov, V. I., Lebedeva, N. M., Molodtsova, I., & Tatarko, A. (2011). Social capital, motivational autonomy, and health behavior: A comparative study of Canadian and Russian youth. In D. Chadee & A. Kosti (Eds.), Social Psychological Dynamics (pp.211-241). Trinidad, W.I.: University of West Indies Press.

            Chirkov, V.I. (2007). Culture, personal autonomy and individualism: their relationships and implications for personal growth and well-being. In G. Zheng & K. Leung & J. G. Adair (Eds.), Perspectives and Progress in Contemporary Cross-Cultural Psychology. (pp. 247-263). Beijing, China: China Light Industry Press.

           Chirkov, V.I. (2006).  Multiculturalism and human nature: A psychological view.  In Dawn Zinga (Ed). Navigating Multiculturalism: Negotiating Change (pp.33-57).  Cambridge Scholars Press.

Selected Articles in the Refereed Journals

            Chirkov, V.I. & Knorre, B. (2015) Russian Orthodoxy and human motivation: The categories of ‘sin’, ‘humility’, and ‘obedience’ in the context of human agency and autonomy. Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 34(1), 26-39.

            Chirkov, V.I. (2011). Human psychological autonomy: Reflections on the debates about its understanding in modern psychology. Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 5(9), 609-620.

            Chirkov V.I. (2009). Critical psychology of acculturation: What do we study and how do we study it, when we investigate acculturation? International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 33(2), 94-105.

             Chirkov V.I. (2009). A cross-cultural analysis of autonomy in education: A self-determination theory perspective.  Theory and Research in Education, 7(2), 253-262.

            Chirkov, V.I., Safdar, S., de Guzman, J., & Playford, K. (2008). Further examining the role motivation to study abroad plays in the adaptation of international students in Canada. International Journal for Intercultural Relations, 32, 427-440.

                 Cheah, C. S. L., & Chirkov, V.I. (2008). Parents’ personal and cultural beliefs regarding young children: A cross-cultural study of Aboriginal and Euro-Canadian mothers. Journal of Cross-cultural Psychology, 39(4), 420-423.

             Chirkov, V.I., Vansteenkiste, M., Tao, R., & Lynch, M. (2007). The role of motivation to study abroad in the adaptation of international students: A self-determination theory approach. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 31(2), 199-222.

              Chirkov, V.I., Ryan, R. M., Willness, C. (2005) Cultural context and psychological needs in Canada and Brazil: Testing a self-determination approach to internalization of cultural practices, identity, and well-being.  Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology. 3, 425-443.

              Chirkov, V.I., Ryan, R.M., Kim, Y. & Kaplan, U. (2003). Differentiating autonomy from individualism and independence: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective on Internalization of Cultural Orientations and Well- being. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 8 (1), 97-110.

              Chirkov, V.I. & Ryan, R.M. (2001). Parent and teacher autonomy support in Russian and U.,S. adolescents: Common effects on well-being and academic motivation. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 32, 618-635.

                Ryan, R.M., Chirkov, V.I., Little, T.D., Sheldon, K.M., Timoshina, E.L., Deci, E.L. (1999). The American dream in Russia: Extrinsic aspirations and well-being in two cultures. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. 25, 1509-152



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