Dear Graduate School Applicant:

Letter to Potential Applicants to our Graduate Streams

Thanks for your interest in our graduate training programs. We offer an accredited program leading to the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, as well as M.A. and Ph.D. programs in Basic Behavioural Science, Culture and Human Development and Applied Social Psychology.

The Clinical Psychology program follows a well-balanced scientist-practitioner model, and is fully accredited by the Canadian Psychological Association. Students have access to a wide variety of practicum placements (e.g., child, adolescent, adult, family, community-based out-patient services, university-based counselling services, hospital-based in-patient services, and forensic services). Our students benefit from having close working relationships with their research supervisors, and usually secure their top choices of pre-doctoral internship placements. Our website contains many details about the program.

The Applied Social Psychology stream is an innovative area of concentration emphasizing the integration of theory, research and practice in an effort to understand social problems and improve social conditions through program and policy development. Students are trained to carry out basic and field research and to serve as research and evaluation consultants in a variety of community and organizational settings. Programs of study are available at both the Master's and the Ph.D. levels. In addition to course work and independent research, each student completes supervised practica and internship placements available in a wide range of areas including health, mental health, education, and criminal justice.

The Cognition and Neuroscience stream is intended for students who wish to focus primarily on basic experimental research and theoretical issues, as opposed to applied training. Most faculty in this area have research funding from national granting agencies and they work very closely with graduate students in a wide variety of research topics. Facilities are state-of-the art for working with human subjects. Current faculty interests range broadly within cognitive processes, psycholinguistics, fMRI, neuropsychology, and behavioral and systems neuroscience.

The Culture and Human Development stream seeks to understand developmental processes in cultural context and across the lifespan. It is built upon interdisciplinary research and training with primary strengths in developmental, social, and clinical psychology as well as cultural and medical anthropology. The program emphasizes qualitative as well as quantitative research approaches, and research in both the local and global contexts.

For those students who are interested, refer to the tab "Applying to Graduate Programs."