Graduate students are encouraged to present their work at conferences and, when warranted, to conduct research at other institutions as part of their professional training.

Conference Travel Subsidies

The two main sources of funding for graduate students who are presenting papers at conferences are the U of S Student Travel Award and the Department's travel fund. Generally students apply for both in order to subsidize conference travel costs.

  1. The University of Saskatchewan Student Travel Award is $200 - $1,000, depending on destination and purpose of travel. Funding is provided on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants until Student Travel Award funds have been fully expended. Activities will not be funded retroactively. The purpose of this fund is to provide financial assistance to undergraduate and graduate students to enable them to participate in:

    • academic-related conferences,
    • academic competitions,
    • U of S Study Abroad,
    • and other university activities.
    The deadline for Student Travel Award applications is one month before the estimated start of the conference, event or other activity but you are welcome to submit your application as soon as you have all the required supporting documents. For further information, contact

  2. The English Department will normally contribute $250 toward conference travel. To apply for funding, submit a letter to the Graduate Chair, Lindsey Banco for approval. Your letter must include the following information:

    • conference location, conference title, conference dates;
    • title of your paper;
    • budget of projected expenses (covering registration fees, transportation, accommodation, food; for food, there are standard University per diem rates);
    • why this conference is relevant to your project/thesis/dissertation;
    • a copy of your acceptance letter (or e-mail message).

Save all receipts and documentation: conference registration fee receipts, boarding passes, electronic air-travel receipts, local travel receipts (shuttle, taxi, subway, bus travel to and from airports), hotel receipts. On your return, submit your receipts to and include the email indicating the grad chair’s approval.

Dr. Edward McCourt Memorial Award

The Dr. Edward McCourt Memorial Award in English is open to graduate students in the Department of English. To be eligible, students must submit a statement and brief budget outlining their travel and/or material costs connected to preparation of their thesis or dissertation. Selection is based on the merits of the submitted statement, as determined by the Department of English Awards Committee.