Writing North

Welcome to Writing North, our annual two-day writers' festival dedicated to the community of aspiring writers and literature enthusiasts.

Our next event's theme is Care, exploring the profound impact of literature in fostering empathy and understanding. Join us for an enriching experience where the power of words takes center stage, connecting us through stories that inspire compassion and positive change.

We are honored to have Gregory Scofield as our keynote speaker, a distinguished Canadian voice in literature, who will share insights and ignite conversations around the theme of care. Whether you're a budding writer seeking inspiration or a literature lover eager for engaging discussions, Writing North promises a vibrant celebration of the written word, where the spirit of care weaves through every page and conversation.

Award-winning Canadian author Madeleine Thien was interviewed by English department faculty member Joanne Leow at the 2017 Writing North.

Writing North is an annual two-day writers’ festival for the community — at the University of Saskatchewan, in Saskatoon, and beyond across central and northern Saskatchewan — of aspiring writers and anyone interested in writers and books. It features panel discussions, a keynote reading, and seminars on writing forms such as fiction, poetry, spoken-word, playwriting, and non-fiction prose.

This project is a collaboration between the university's MFA in Writing, Department of English, and College of Arts and Science, together with the Saskatchewan Writers’ Guild. All these partners see Writing North as the perfect opportunity for building bridges between the campus and the wider community.